Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Texas Thylacine Expedition

One of the cryptids I find most intriguing is the Thylacine. Also known as the Tasmanian Tiger, the thylacine is a marsupial that once thrived in Tasmania, Australia.

Officially, the thylacine went extinct in 1936 with the death of "Benjamin" the last captive specimen, at the Hobart zoo in Tasmania.

Some intriguing footage has emerged, especially over the past year, from groups actively working in Australia to find evidence of the animal's continued existence:


But even outside of Australia, there's interest in the thylacine's potential survival and there have been numerous expeditions put together by people in the US and the UK to search for evidence of the animal. Recently, I met, and had a great conversation with Jon Bosley, the force behind the Texas Thylacine Expedition. Back in September of 2016, Jon made a journey to Tasmania with a ton of gear and left behind a series of trail cams that he hopes will capture photographic evidence of the thylacine.

Bosley didn't have an easy task. Much of western Tasmania is devoid of infrastructure and the bush is extremely dense, making movement through the terrain slow and exhausting. When they are even present, roads are difficult to navigate, even with a 4x4. Trails are rare, most are overgrown or flooded. Bridges and other crossings are frequently washed out.

But Jon, along with his wife Renea, accomplished the task, leaving behind almost 20 cameras that will be collected after about six months of operation.

Check out the expedition's website and watch for updates, it'll be interesting to see what these folks turn up:


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