Wednesday, November 16, 2016

SOS at the Haunted Roads Hotel

Dave Spinks and I spent several days and nights investigating the Haunted Roads Hotel in Atlanta, Indiana.
The location once served as a brothel and speakeasy and was a popular spot for many Chicago land gangsters during the heyday of prohibition.

There's a wide range of reported activity at the Roads, including disembodied voices, unexplained footsteps, doors that open and close, and more.

From the time we walked into the place there was activity, and it didn't stop. In fact, when we first entered, we were sure there was someone in the building as the footsteps upstairs were so loud and distinct. As we heard the person coming down the staircase, we moved to the hallway to find...nothing. No one was there.

While much of the activity was harmless, at other times, it took a darker turn. Dave was violently attacked one night and received a gash on the top of his head as a result. The following day, I received a set of severe scratches on my back.

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