Friday, November 4, 2016

1938 BEK Sighting

From the time I researched and wrote the book on the Black Eyed Children, it was clear to me that this is not simply a modern phenomena we're dealing with, but something that has been present for a very, very long time.

As more researchers with an awareness of the BEK phenomena continue to dig through old cases, more and more vintage accounts come to light. Here's one I just received, brought to my attention by researcher Ash Staunton.

The incident occurred near St. Louis, Missouri in 1938:

"The mother in a family involved with numerous encounters recalled seeing a flying disk type craft on the ground and numerous entities that appeared to be in a rush around it. They then re-entered the craft which left the area at a tremendous rate of speed. 

One of the entities appeared to be a little girl, fragile looking, who had large black eyes with no white parts apparent, but with more rounded eyes than a "typical gray humanoid." The girl also had a pointed chin, high forehead, and very fine, thin hair.

The mother noticed at least one other entity accompanying the "hybrid" girl that looked entirely human; it was described as a 6 foot tall white woman, with brown hair and brown eyes, wearing some sort of tight-fitting, one-piece uniform."

Bob Buck is credited as the source of this report.

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