Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 2016 BEK Update

First up, an incident that occurred in 2013 in Magnolia, Delaware. The account involves the apparition of what appears to be a young boy from the early 1900's. The witness encountered the boy while driving on Delaware's back roads at two in the morning. The strange boy had no eyes or nose, just a black void.

While not typical of BEK encounters, there are numerous accounts involving ghostly manifestations wherein the spirit has black, or hollowed out eyes. Such encounters are a weird subset of accounts that cross the lines between ghosts and BEKs.  Read the full account on the Ghost Village website here:


Author Melissa George has released a book titled "Black Eyed Kids," subtitled "My three months of Hell, A true story."
As near as I can figure, the actual account comes from George's co-author, listed only on the title page as "Ainsley."
The book is very short, only about 40 pages in length and much of it is just build up to an encounter with black eyed kids. If it is indeed a true account as stated, it's rather stunning because the results of the encounter are deadly-literally. For those interested in the full tale, the book is available on Amazon. As always, I leave it in the hands of the reader to decided for themselves what they believe.

More reports of deadly encounters with BEKs come to us from Greg and Dana Newkirk over at Week in Weird. The post below tells us about a case in rural Vermont that resulted in death, and goes on to detail a truly bizarre encounter involving a strange woman and a whole house full of "small, frightening-looking children pacing to and fro about the place" at 2 to 3 A.M. As you may guess, they had solid black eyes. More here:


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