Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Black Eyed Man Radiates Evil

Over the years, there's been a growing number of accounts of black eyed people of all ages. While many of the reports of back eyed kids fit a certain mold, when the entities appear older, there's more variation in the encounters. One gets the sense that whatever these things are, some of them at least, are out there making an attempt to blend in to normal society.

Sometimes, it's the subtle aspects of black eyed people cases that are the most unsettling. Time and time again, I hear from witnesses who report how terrified they were just being in the presence of these beings, afraid to make eye contact and hoping to just get the encounter over with as quickly as possible.

It's often hard for witnesses to convey how frightening these experiences are and how difficult it is to shake off the resulting emotions and after effects.

I recently received the report below from Kris, who encountered a disturbing young man while at her place of work. Kris experienced a range of emotions and fear as she dealt with a creepy individual who emanated sinister energy. She found herself calling on God for protection from what she perceived as "evil" radiating off of the man:

"Today was an experience I will never forget. I will never forget those eyes. 

I work in a retail location in Pennsylvania and around 1:15 this afternoon, a kid came into my store. He was more like a young man, maybe early 20's actually and he seemed to have a bit of facial hair on his chin. Sorry if my description isn't the best, I tried my best not to look at him much.

Anyway, I ended up helping this young man pick an item out. I was reluctant but I just wanted to get him out of the store so I helped him. 

He had no irises. Just like really big pupils is how they looked. I felt uneasy the entire time and he seemed sort of normal otherwise beside the eyes but I was sure they weren't any trick contact lenses as I have seen those before. And again, there was this feeling of dread that seemed to emanate out of him. He looked like something out of an episode of the X-Files.

The only other distinctive things I can remember about him was that he had a backpack on and he paid in cash for the item. The items only cost 6.97 and I also rang him out so he handed me 7 dollars in cash. I remember trying not to make contact with his hands because I felt very afraid and really felt like this 'person' was filled with evil and darkness. So I dropped 3 cents into his hand and it almost was if he could read my mind because I think I was playing it cool but he must have known my fears as he shot me a cold stare toward the end of the transaction. Sort of tilted his head to the side and just stared at me for about 3 seconds. My eyes only met his for about half of that time but I could still see him out of the corner of my eye as I turned away.

I remember as he put the item into his backpack, at least, I think he did, as he began to leave I could feel his eyes on me still and I remember thinking about God and Jesus and even the archangel Michael because I legitimately felt like I could be attacked or somehow infected by this person's evil.

Sorry if this is long and doesn't quite fit the black eyed children theme because again this person seemed to be in his early 20's but nonetheless a terrifying experience I won't soon forget. Thank god it was during the day.

I am home now and hoping nothing happens tonight. I have heard the saying 'the eyes are the window to the soul.' Well if that is true this guy's eyes are the window to hell.

Thank you for reading this and I will try to check back for any comments or feedback especially your take on it David being as you are the only person I know that speaks about this with any authority. (I heard you on a podcast a year or so ago speaking about this phenomenon.)

Thanks again and I wish that everyone who is aware of this phenomenon never runs into any person who looks like the person that came into my store this afternoon. Utterly terrifying."

Monday, December 5, 2016

Cryptid Christmas Gifts 2016

The countdown to Christmas is quickly ticking down but there's still time to snag some unique gifts for the cryptozoologist on your list. Here's a few special items that are sure to please:

Small Town Monsters is an independent film company dedicated to exploring some of the strange monsters that have cropped up over the years in little communities around the country. So far, they've produced the Minerva Monster, The Beast of Whitehall and, their latest release, The Boggy Creek Monster. These guys are doing amazing work and the films are outstanding, and, they wisely chose my friend Sam Shearon for the series' cover art! Learn more and grab your copies of the DVDs at their website:


Wood Knocks Volume 1 came out this year and has received rave reviews. With contributions by an A list of cryptozoologists, there's something for everyone in the first volume of this new series. Ken Gerhard, Linda Godfrey, Lyle Blackburn and more. If you're interested in Sasquatch, this is a must have! Available in both paper and Kindle editions at Amazon.com


MonstroBizarro is the latest edition of the Rue Morgue library. Put together by monster hunter Lyle Blackburn, this special edition is a graphic extravaganza that explores a wide range of cryptids and the various pop culture aspects of real monsters and how they've been portrayed in films, comics, television and more.
Catch a copy of this one before it sells out! Available from the Rue Morgue shop:


The Nessie Ladle is probably the best way any crypto fan could imagine to dish out some hot soup on a cold winter's day. Available in a variety of colors, the food grade ladles are also dishwasher safe and stand on their own 'feet.' Catch a Loch Ness ladle of your own at Amazon.com:


Cryptid Art is the way to go if you're looking for a truly unique and one of a kind gift for the monster hunter on your list, and hands down one of my favorite sources is "Eerie" Eric Fargiorgio. Eric works in a variety of mediums, does original pieces, and has also become known for adding monsters, UFOs and other oddities to classic paintings. You haven't seen an old landscape until you've seen one with Sasquatch roaming across it!
If you manage to catch Eric at an event, you'll get to see a range of his work, otherwise, contact him through his Facebook page and see what he has available:

Worlds Beyond Forum

I had a fantastic time speaking at the Worlds Beyond Forum at this year's Earthcore Festival in Melbourne, Australia.

An hour and a half outside of Melbourne, Earthcore comes alive. Similar to Nevada's Burning Man Festival, the site becomes a city in and of itself, lights, music, food, goods, and much, much more.
The experience was incredible and a bit surreal, exactly as it's meant to be I believe.

Spiro Boursine, the event organizer, has done an amazing job pulling off this festival year after year. Special thanks to him for having me over, as well as Bill Tabone of the Australian Paranormal Society. One of the blessings of traveling in this field is making new friends and great connections. Hands down, everyone was kind, helpful and easy to get along with. I certainly enjoyed my time "down under" and was even made an honorary Aussie!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Phantoms, Monsters & BEKs

Lon Strickler over at the Phantoms and Monsters site has been collecting accounts of the strange for a long time. It's a blog I read on a regular basis as I often find fascinating accounts to add to my own research.

Recently, Lon and another friend of mine, Ash Staunton, have been gathering a lot of past accounts and collecting them into a series of volumes.
The latest, titled "Phantoms & Monsters Unexplained Encounters" has just arrived and it's another goldmine of information.

There's a good variety of stories in each volume, and two things that stood out for me in this release is that it's rich in accounts of black eyed entities as well as accounts of dogmen/werewolves.

Here's one I got permission to share with all of you:

BEK: 'Can we use your phone?'

"It was about 3 years ago. November 2012; when I was working at a small gas station in North East Louisiana.

We were the only small shop and 24 hour service station in miles, just off the highway. I worked the night-shift. I loved it; the sharing of stories with the traveling customers. That is when the rare customer showed up.

It must have been around 3 am. I was cleaning the floors and locking the beer coolers when suddenly the lights went out. I pulled out my cell and used it as a guiding light until I made it back to our counter where I kicked on the gas generator. It lit the parking lot, the bath and the hall leading to the register. When I looked outside, I could just make out the movement of the trees across the street, but, otherwise, it was pitch black.

I turned on the radio and started listening to a local station with its night owl DJ, commenting on the heavy winds and cracking jokes between songs.

Suddenly I saw some figures in the dark. I could just make them out. They seemed to be a group of kids on bikes. There were three of them. Two of them dropped their bikes and made their way to the door where they just stood there staring at me. I just stared back for a moment, waiting for them to come in. They never did. I moved around the counter and opened the door.

"What's up guys? Out kinda late aren't you?" I asked them, expecting them to come in.

"Can we use your phone?" one asked, their heads tilted kinda low. I felt a little worried as I pulled my cell from my pocket and offered it to her. "Sure."

She looked at me and then I saw her eyes; they were solid black, almost like ink filled orbs. "No, I need the real one!" she said, her face twisted into an angry snarl.

I pulled the door closed and flipped the locks. "No! No, you go home and get your mom's phone." They stared at me through the door for a minute longer before turning away and biking off.

The next day I had my boss check the cameras to get the pictures of the creepy kids but the cameras had been off the whole time. Now the cameras run off the generator instead of the hall lights.

I never saw the kids again."

There are a few fascinating things about this account. First, the kid insists on using the "real phone," obviously meaning the landline inside the store. This could have been a ploy to be invited inside. On the other hand, there are other accounts of BEKs who don't seem to understand that a cell phone is actually a phone. Another indication that they are out of place or out of touch with our modern world.

The situation with the cameras is equally interesting. I'm constantly asked about "genuine" photos of black eyed entities. This is difficult territory because photos can be so easily faked now. What I find more intriguing is that in many of these encounters security cameras and the like are not functioning properly. In the above report, the cameras are down due to the power outage, but what a strange coincidence that the BEKs chose that time to show up.

Check out Lon's new book for more of these creepy accounts. Available in both paper and kindle editions at Amazon.com:


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Zombies!!! by Midnight Syndicate Reviewed

I've long enjoyed Midnight Syndicate's unique and innovate music as a perfect backdrop for delving into many of the creepy topics that I research. As background music, it often helps spark creative energy and it certainly sets the mood for delving into the supernatural. I've done plenty of writing with these guys playing in the background.

Last year, the Syndicate surprised us with a Christmas themed release that I reviewed here:


It was a great CD, and I'd be happy to see the band do more Christmas themed music. Christmas is, after all, a very haunting holiday and the perfect time for ghost stories.

This year however, they've gone back to their more standard Halloween fare with a particular focus--Zombies.

Their latest effort is actually designed as an official soundtrack for the board game Zombies!!! and the result is pretty cool.

Midnight Syndicate, aka Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka, are masters at atmospheric storytelling via music. Undertaking a soundtrack for a game about the walking dead was likely both fun and natural for the duo and the results are clear and enjoyable.

The opening track, "It Begins," sets the pace and hearkens back to classic zombie movies bringing to mind the lumbering movements of the undead.

Other tracks include "I Don't Think They're Dead," "Alternate Food Source," and "We're Screwed."
The band mixes in various sound effects to good effect. Distant air sirens, a static filled radio broadcast giving a short news update, disjointed horns giving the impression of people fleeing in fear, it all adds up to a soundtrack suited for the Zombie apocalypse.

It's great background music for Halloween parties, gaming, or if you just want a creepy atmosphere. The CD has 18 tracks and runs 48 minutes. Nine of the tracks are new material with the remaining nine being remixed or updated tracks from previous CD's. I can highly recommend all of Midnight Syndicate's CD's.

For a copy of Zombies!!! or any of the other great music from Midnight Syndicate, check out the website below:


Friday, December 2, 2016

Silver Suited Humanoids: 1973

Here's a curious humanoid encounter from November 4, 1973.  Although there are scant details, the account is interesting, especially considering the presence of an animal who reacts in a frightened way and retreats from the bizarre figures.
The location of the encounter is Goffstown, New Hampshire:

"A brushing sound against their house awakened Rex Snow and his wife. 

Rex observed two self-luminous, silver suited beings about 4 1/2- 5 feet tall, 60 feet away in the backyard. They had over-sized, pointed ears, dark, egg shaped eye holes, and large noses, all encased in the silver coverall. They had on silver boots with upturned toes.

One humanoid held a flashlight like object while the other picked up things from the ground and put them in a silver bag. Their movements were slow but deliberate.

The family dog, Miko, trained as a guard dog, was ordered to attack them, but halted when 30 feet away, made some lunges at them, then walked back and laid down whining on the kitchen floor.

Rex had observed a silver saucer shaped object about 5 hours earlier that night."

Original source, David Webb, "1973 - Year of the Humanoids: An Analysis of the Fall 1973 UFO/Humanoid Wave.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Haunted Monroe House

The Monroe House in Hartford City, Indiana has an incredibly dark reputation. There are rumors of Satanic rituals being performed in the home and, even more disturbing, there are rumors that several children have died in the house over the years. Shortly after buying the place, the home's current owner found an old Ouija board inside, at the least, it was a sign that previous attempts to communicate with something had occurred in the house.

The home is well known by people living in Hartford City and surrounding areas. Ghost stories connected to the house go back to at least the 1960's. Many residents, as well as neighbors, have reported seeing the apparition of a young girl in one of the upstairs windows and many people go out of their way in order to avoid the place.

The accounts of paranormal activity are crazy. Class A EVPs are common, strange ghost lights that come and go, and countless reports of physical attacks. Numerous people have become physically ill just being in the home and are forced to leave. There are also reports of strange fires that cannot be explained.

Dave Spinks and I undertook an investigation of the home on one of our Indiana tours. It's a nasty, creepy location that lived up to its reputation.

During our time in the house, shadow figures darted all around inside the home. A door was slammed on us, as if something was attempting to confine us in a certain area. We experienced equipment issues, watched as a toy activated itself, and had several other strange events. We also heard disembodied voices, some of them children, or at least, what sounded like children.

The Monroe House is soon to be featured on the season premiere of Paranormal Lockdown. Don't know what those guys caught, but we had plenty of evidence. For a portion of what Society of the Supernatural captured, check out the video of some of our time in this notorious, dark location: