Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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SOS Defiance, Ohio Dogman

In 1972, in Defiance, Ohio, a series of encounters was documented by local news outlets.  The reports centered around sightings of a strange, hairy figure described by residents as a werewolf.  The beast was said to have the head of a wolf, hairy feet and clad in blue jeans.

The encounters took place between the hours of 1:00 AM and 4:30 AM.  Despite a serious police investigation, the creature was never caught and the sightings remain a mystery to this day.

Recently, the Society of the Supernatural was in Defiance for the first annual Dogman conference and we spent some time at the sight of the famous 1972 encounters.  Check out the brief video below for a full account of the tale and some great shots of the location:


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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Monstro Bizarro!

Proud to have been a part of this new publication masterminded by my friend Lyle Blackburn and published by Rue Morgue magazine as one of their library editions.

Pre-order it at the Rue Morgue site, or watch for it on newsstands.  Release date is October 1st.

The Rue Morgue Library is back with its highly anticipated 7th installment, MONSTRO BIZARRO, in which columnist and author LYLE BLACKBURN takes you on a sightseeing tour of a world of mysterious monsters. All the cryptozoological marvels are here, including Bigfoot, Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster and Chupacabra, along with lesser known monsters like Ogopogo, the Mongolian Death Worm Jersey Devil, Boggy Creek Monster, Momo, Mokele-Mbembe, Real Wolfmen and many more! Plus: Cryptid Cinema, Monstrous Museums, Monster Toys, Beastly Art, Travelogues of Terror, Real Case Files, Cryptid Television, Photo Galleries and lots more! Also features a Foreword by Blair Witch Project co-creator EDUARDO SANCHEZ, along with contributions by KEN GERHARD, NICK REDFERN, DAVID WEATHERLY and others. Ships October 1.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Satanic Scare in Nicaragua

Residents in the small village of La Chiriza, Nicaragua are in a state of fear and concerned about demonic activity this week after a strange incident involving a young girl.

A thirteen year old was found wandering through the streets in the middle of the night with what were described as "satanic symbols" carved into her upper extremities.  The girl could not explain what had happened to her.  Disorientated and unstable, the teenager was wearing a blue and white school uniform and residents of the village said she was not a local.  She was taken to authorities who were eventually able to locate her parents, Cuban immigrants who had no statement on the matter.

Some residents of the area believe the girl may have been participating in some type of devil worship and believe the she may be possessed.

Villagers who found the girl reported her hands and arms were scratched and slashed with pentagrams and other symbols often associated with satanic practices.  In an interview with local television station, Canal 10 news, one of the villagers stated:

"We stopped her, but it was very strange.  She seemed to have been playing some strange game.  I think she's from Cuba, she's not from this village.  It's up to parents to pay attention to the children.  This is truly the fault of the parents."

Nicaragua, is devoutly Roman Catholic and the Central American country has had a large influx of illegal Cuban immigrants in recent years who have brought their own Afro-Caribbean traditions with them causing some tensions.  Catholics in the region believe that there is regular satanic activity occurring in the country.

Previously, a video emerged of an exorcism being conducted in the Nicaraguan town of San Rafael del Sur.  The video shows another young girl vomiting and screaming as a demon is purportedly expelled from her.

Numerous other similar incidents have been reported over the past few years.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Jeff Richards Paranormal

Tonight on Jeff Richards Paranormal!

"Author David Weatherly will be joining me live at 6pm CST / 8pm EST. He wrote the definitive book on the black eyed children phenomena. Thousands of people around the world have been approached by small children who's eyes were totally black. These kids bring a sense of fear and unease with them. Who are they? What do they want? Find out tonight!"


BEKs at the Door

Researcher Jamie L. Brian just sent me this account that he transcribed from a May edition of Coast to Coast AM.  The episode was hosted by Dave Schrader who received a call in about an encounter with a pair of BEKs:

Mark in San Antonio, Texas reports:

“I came across... me and my sister. It was a normal day, kind of cloudy and we get a ringing, you know, at the doorbell.
We see two kids outside. Two punky little kids and we're like, Hey, what's up? And they never had anything. The only thing they say is, Can we come inside?
We kept asking them, Can we help you?  They kept saying, Can you let us inside?
There was a little girl, a little girl, a little boy. They're wearing denim clothes.
(Dave Schrader, the host, asked if they had black eyes.)
When they looked up at us, I said, I think we need call our father and we should get his permission to let you in.
The little girl goes, No! No! No! You don't need to do that, just let us inside. I said, No, no, we really need to call our father.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - May 7, 2016

The account was short, but interesting for a couple of reasons. 
First, it's fairly unusual for BEKs to utilize a doorbell, they almost always knock whether the home has a doorbell or not.
Second, overall, there are fewer accounts of black eyed girls.  On occasions when there are a boy and girl pair, it's usually the boy who does the talking.

There are constantly subtle shifts in the endless reports of these beings and it gives one the sense that there is a constant evolution in the approach taken by whatever these entities really are.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Strange Dimensions

Tonight I'm on with one of my favorite people, Rosemary Ellen Guiley on her show, Strange Dimensions on the KGRA network.

We'll be discussing my new book, Wood Knocks.