Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dogman Sighting Cornwall, England

On a Summer night in 1988, two friends encountered a 'werewolf' in Cornwall. The beast fits the
description of many of the dogman/werewolf sightings that have been cropping up so much in recent years. It's always interesting to gather more and more encounters that fit the paradigm of what people continue to report both in the United States and Europe.

The account comes from John Hanson & Dawn Holloway's "Haunted Skies" series.

Davidstowe Airfield, Cornwall, England:

"Julia "Jools" Quinn decided to go out for a drive to Davidstowe Airfield one evening with a friend, hoping to see something out of the normal, bearing in mind its 'spooky reputation.'

After locating the Davidstowe lookout tower, which was constructed in World War 2, they parked and had their lights on and there was a full moon when all of a sudden, ten or twelve sheep came running up close to the right hand side of the tower.

She was trying to figure out what had frightened them when, without any warning, 'something' on two legs appeared and ran past them on the left hand side of the tower. It was a couple of hundred yards away. It was taller than a man, probably 7ft she estimated. It had big, pointy ears and had dark brown, wiry hair covering its body. It stood there for at least ten seconds--not on all fours, but on two legs.

The sheep ran away, and were quickly followed by the creature. It had a strange face like a wolf, rather than the popular illustration of the Beast of Bodmin. The jaw was very long."

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