Sunday, November 6, 2016

Black Eyes in a Haunted House

I've been receiving an increasing number of reports from people who witness another person's eyes shifting to solid black orbs. It's difficult to know exactly what to make of this pheneomna at this point. Often, the circumstances are very normal until that moment when the change occurs. Is it linked to possession or demonic forces? Alien interference?

There's not a clear pattern yet and each account seems to have a slight twist. Researcher Jamie L. Brian just transcribed this account that was sent in to Darkness Radio. It aired October 24, 2016.
The account comes from Chris, who related a story wherein he witnessed his brother's eyes shifting to solid black.

"As a kid, I experienced so many weird things happening that I couldn't explain. One that stands out in my mind to this day that I'm constantly reminded of when I listen to your show happened when I was 8 or 9 years old, probably around 1989. I lived in Santa Barbara, California with my mom and my dad lived in Paso Robles with my stepmom, two stepbrothers and a stepsister in a huge, beautiful house on a hill. I just called the house the mansion. For me, it was. There was a full basement with all these weird corridors with mostly dirt floors and two stories, probably six rooms with a huge, detached garage on a huge piece of property. The house was beautiful but ominous. To this day, I still have weird dreams about the basement and other rooms. Never good dreams, always nightmares.

My stepbrother and I hung out a lot when I came to visit. We both had the same first name so he was Chris 1 and I was Chris 2. I was around 8 years old so he was probably 11. My stepsister was around 15 so that would make my oldest stepbrother about 16 or 17. So there was a lot of preteen and teenager energy in the house.

My stepmother was always hateful, jealous and just plain spiteful and always hated my dad spending time or money on me and every visit usually ended with a dramatic yelling, crying, even spitting fiasco. I was always excited to spend weekends with my dad however I stayed in that house and never looked forward to seeing the wicked stepmother.

The house was so haunted that it was predictable and consistent my stepbrother and I would set stuff out on our nightstands and the next morning the item would be gone and sitting on a table downstairs which doesn't sound that scary but we could do it every night and go downstairs and, sure enough, they toy or whatever would be sitting almost directly below the room we slept in.

We would tell our parents, but of course, they would deny the house was haunted. Other things would happen, I would see quick flashes of faces looking in the upstairs windows and the typical creaks and cracks, footsteps and doors opening and closing on their own, but that was normal.

The one most disturbing thing that happened was one night, before bedtime, me and my stepbrother were upstairs walking to our room which was down a hallway on the left side of the house. His older brother's room was at the top of the stairs on the right. He was walking in front of me and all of a sudden, he suddenly stopped, turned around, and his face went blank, white. His eyes went all black. He sprinted past me at an unnatural speed, back towards the stairs and slammed headfirst into his older brother's bedroom door. He was out cold and had a bump on his head.

When he woke up he didn't know where he was and had no memory of running into the door. His sister was babysitting us so we got to stay up later to make sure he didn't have a concussion and we camped out downstairs that night.

To this day, he swears he doesn't remember running into that door. I have thought about it over the years. I'm 34 now and I think the ghost that was accustomed to travelling down that hallway somehow entered him and took my stepbrother at ghost speed down the hallway intending to enter my elder stepbrother's room. Of course, when they reached the door, my stepbrother stopped and the ghost probably continued through the door and onto his intended destination.

I wonder sometimes what would have happened if that door had been opened or broken open when he hit it. Maybe the ghost would have taken him floating and racing around the older stepbrother's room.

Over the years, I'm sure the house has changed hands several times. As I understand, it became the mayor's house at some point. I drove by it around 15 years ago on my travels through California. The house is still beautiful, but there's still a weird draw for me. Now that we're all grown up, my dad and stepmom fully admit the house was in fact very haunted. Of course, me and my step-siblings already knew that."

Chris clearly indicates in his account that he believes the sudden manifestation of black eyes in his brother resulted from a brief interaction with a spirit and this may be the case. We are left to wonder if this is truly the case or if something even more malicious was at work.