Friday, November 11, 2016

Close Encounter in England: 1901

Here's a curious encounter from way back in 1901 involving humanoids next to a strange craft. The report was originally published by Derek James & Phil Bennett in Nufon News #50.

The incident occurred during the summer in Bournebrook, West Midlands, England.

Young Frank Warily, ten years old, was taking a shortcut along a path behind his terraced housing estate. Suddenly, he came upon a strange object sitting on the grass and thought that it was a workman's hut. There was a small, box-shaped ship's funnel on top and a door on the side. The object was a greenish blue metallic color with a sheen, half the size of a modern car.

Suddenly, Frank was confronted by two small beings who stepped down out of the doorway. They
were four feet high, clean-shaven, and looked human with no odd features. They wore tight fitting, one piece uniforms with a greenish, gray military look and each wore a dark helmet that masked the eyes and ears almost completely.

Emerging from the top were two wires almost like horns on a Viking's helmet. The wires rose nine inches. One humanoid remained in the doorway. The other moved towards Frank with his arms outstretched, suggesting to Frank to get out of his way. Frank got out of the way and as he was doing this, the humanoid scuttled back into the machine and the door closed.

There was then a brilliant flash like electric arcing that lit up the perimeter of the object as well as a whooshing sound and the box-shaped craft climbed up into the sky in a curved flight. Frank noticed a pulsating red light at the rear as it ascended.

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