Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Thylacine Footage 2016

Eighty years ago today, September 7, 1936, Australia's Thylacine was declared extinct when the last known animal died in captivity.

The last thylacine was trapped in the Florentine Valley by a man named Elias Churchill in 1933 and sent to the Hobart Zoo.  It survived for three years in captivity.

The Thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian Tiger, or Tasmanian Wolf, is a curious animal.  Evidence suggest a nocturnal nature for the apex predator.  It's a marsupial with both males and females having a pouch for the young.  The animal's size and shape are similar to that of a medium to large sized dog, with a stiff tail similar to a kangaroo's.  Dark, "tiger" like stripes cover the Thylacine's lower back.

Although the animal is officially extinct, sightings have continued to be reported over the years.  So many in fact that several expeditions have been launched to search for the creature.  None have had success yet, however, many researchers are convinced that the Thylacine survives in the wilds.

Several groups are active in Australia documenting sightings and searching for evidence.  Recently, a new video has surfaced from the Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia.  The clip was filmed in the Adelaide hills in southern Australia.  Check out this fascinating clip, including analysis and commentary by group members:

For further updates from the Thylacine Awareness Group, check out their Facebook page here:

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  1. Were there any audio recordings of the Thylacine when it was held in captivity, and if so are they available? If so has anyone considered placing hidden voice activated recorders in areas that may have thylacine populations and discovered any possible audio that would support the allegation?