Friday, September 16, 2016

September 2016 BEK Update

This month's black eyed children update has some interesting items.  Another report of a phone going dead in their presence and a list of purported locations that the creepy little kids may be lurking about.

First up, a report from a woman who had two black eyed children show up at her door late one night purportedly, because they wanted to use the bathroom.  They must have needed it pretty badly because she says that after she denied them entrance, they continued to knock for two hours. Curiously, she tried her phone several times and found that it was dead.  There are a fair number of reports of BEKs having a strange affect on phones, electronics and automobiles so we can add this one to the list:

Over at the Ghost Hunting Theories blog, Sharon Day weighs in on the BEKs with a basic "who are they, what are they" article.  Always good to hear different input on the phenomena so check it out for a quick read.  Scroll to the bottom and you'll find that Sharon is also offering a creepy BEK themed wall hanging in case you just can't get enough of the kids:

This month's most unusual report comes from where we find the story of someone who let some of the creepy children come inside.  The writer claims that, due to the close encounter, she's now "slowly dying."  Judge the tale for yourself here:

People often ask where they can find BEKs, well, website "Backpackerverse" may have an answer, at least for the state of Texas.  Their recent report details ten locations in the lone star state where encounters with black eyed children have reportedly taken place. Enter at your own risk:

Finally, be sure to tune in to the premier of the Tracie Austin show later this month to catch myself and Nick Redfern discussing the BEKs and some of the various theories on what exactly they may be.  More information at Tracie's website below:

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