Friday, September 2, 2016

BEKs On A Country Road

Here's a BEK report sent to me recently from a gentleman named Cade.  The incident occurred in 2001.  At the time of the experience, Cade was in the Army reserves and he and his cousin were on their way to purchase some vehicles from the Ft. Campbell base in Kentucky:

"My name is Cade. I was 18 yrs old in 2001 when my cousin and I were traveling to Ft. Campbell KY. We exited the hwy by accident and had been driving in the wrong direction for a really long time. We ended up on gravel roads in nowhere Kentucky. 

Along the way we came upon two boys wearing straw hats and homemade clothes walking down the road. We stopped for directions. I asked them if they knew which way the military base was. They did not respond. I asked several questions regarding the base. Still no response. At this point I was using hand gestures about which way the helicopters came from. Still no response. At that point I looked ahead of me to a long gravel rd with no houses and then behind me to see the same. I said to them there is nothing out here and if I could give them a lift. It was then that both of them were looking straight at me and yes their eyes were as black as coal.

They both responded (you ought not trust us so much).

My cousin and I both looked at each other and freaked out.
We left them behind in a cloud of gravel dust and didnt look back.
It was weird. I tell this story all the time and wasnt until today that I have heard of other peoples experience with this."

Cade reports no after effects from the encounter, other than a chilling memory of the incident when he recounts it.

This is yet another report of BEKs wearing clothing that appears old fashioned or handmade.


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