Friday, September 9, 2016

Faceless Entities and a Creepy Silence in Nashville

In the past couple of years, I've received a number of reports of "faceless" entities.  These range from roadside encounters to manifestations of spirits with no facial features.  While such reports aren't completely new, there does seem to be a slight increase in them.

Researcher Albert S. Rosales is constantly digging up interesting accounts and recently posted his report on a creepy incident involving two faceless beings.  The report was sent directly to Rosales and the witness names are withheld by request.

Nashville, Tennessee
A summer night in 2013:

"The main witness and a friend decided to walk around the block in a pretty quiet suburban neighborhood.  Once they started walking down the middle of the street everything became strangely quiet.  No crickets, frogs, wind, nothing.  It seemed like the breeze stopped as well.  They kept walking, and about halfway down the street they saw a minivan in a driveway with the hood up, and there were these two "things" peering into the engine like they were studying it.  They were white and they had no faces.  There was a soft glow coming off them like if they were reflecting a black light, but it seemed like there wasn't really a source for it.  The white flowers in the yard had the same glow.  The strange figures looked about normal height, two arms, and two legs.  They sort of jumped when the witnesses came into view, like they were surprised.  Then they half-hid behind the van and both witnesses immediately had this feeling like they 'could not look at them, no matter what.'
That was probably the most scared the main witness has ever been.  
They both kept walking forward and watched out of the corner of their eyes, and the entities watched them, while also trying to position themselves behind the van.  
The main witness got the impression that 'they' weren't used to hiding much because they would look at them, then look at the van, then at themselves, then crouch behind the van a little more.

The witnesses kept walking, looking ahead until they got to the end of the street.  At this point, all the normal sounds returned and they could feel the breeze again, everything again felt normal.  The main witness wasn't really sure if he was going to say something to his friend but suddenly and at the same time they both stopped and exhaled really hard.  He asked his friend if he had seen those 'white figures,' but for most of the walk they wouldn't talk about it and his friend just told him to shut up. Strangely, the witnesses had the feeling that they shouldn't talk about what they had seen.  

Three years later the main witness finally spoke to his friend about what they had seen, his friend looked pretty freaked out and asked the main witness if he remembered them crossing the street in front of them, which the main witness did not.  He told him it was right after he fell or laid down, and all of the sudden the main witness remembered right before he saw them, he looked over and his friend was laying down on the side of the road, stiff as a board and not responding to anything the witness was saying, he was just blinking really hard.
Eventually he got up and they just kept walking.  Around the time that his friend fell to the ground is when everything became quiet and eerie.  The witness doesn't know how he could have forgotten that part."

The aura of silence created in the presence of the two figures is a curious aspect that I've heard in a small handful of cases before.  It's somewhat reminiscent of the creepy "gentlemen" in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Ghoulish figures who come floating in and create dead silence in their presence.

Of course, there's something inherently disturbing about a figure without a face.  Humans relate through their facial expressions and features and to be confronted with a blank nothingness is most unsettling.

The Gentleman from Buffy TV series


  1. I find the witness's statement that he felt that in no way he should look at the creatures "directly" fascinating. Check the following account, similar statement by witnesses:

    Location. Near Leven Bank, Yorkshire, England
    Date: February 1965 Time: 2330
    The main witness and her sister were returning home from an evening at a coffee shop and where approaching a remote location on the road, about 2 miles before their village and surrounded by fields when quite suddenly and without warning the vehicle began to lose speed as if it were being drained of power and slowly came to a halt. The car radio then went out. The main witness overwhelming feeling was surprised. To the left, coming from a field there were blinding lights and a very loud noise as if of rotary blades---it was very near, maybe only about eight to ten feet away. It was as though they had come to a stop only a feet away from a very powerful helicopter that was about to take off, except the noise seemed much more powerful. She couldn’t move, even though physically she thinks he was capable of movement, she was somehow vaguely aware that beside her, her sister who’d been driving was in the same state. Then there was a voice in her head---very clear and distinct---it was telling her wordlessly---that if she moved her eyes even slightly to the left she would “simply cease to be”. She remembers sitting motionless staring straight ahead in some kind of hypnotic state---yet very aware and frightened too. She had an urge to move her eyes slightly to the left but the voice kept telling her that would be a very bad idea. The experience was surreal and yet incredibly intense. The noise coming from the left intensified, there was a sensation of wind from beyond the car and a whirring noise, something like the whirring rotors of a helicopter---it became more and more powerful and deafening and there were lights, very bright like floodlights only feet away. She was paralyzed with shock and fear and kept his eyes straight in front of her. She wasn’t sure she would survive whatever was happening and remember thinking that would be a pity since she was looking forward to her birthday. The noise became louder and then as suddenly as it had occurred it was gone. They were surrounded by darkness, the night was silent. Immediately the radio came back on and so did the car’s engine. The experience seemed to take about three or four minutes. Both the witness and her sister were in shock---they drove home in silence. Neither of them referred to the experience again, only once, years later. It was then that she told her that she had looked at her watch when they had entered their house and it had been about four in the morning. It should have been about 1215pm. The energy felt alien, cold and frightening, yet the witnesses were not harmed. She believes that they had disturbed whatever was there and whatever it was simply used mind control and then took off.

    HC addendum
    Source: Type: G?
    Comments: It appears to have been some kind of bizarre unexplored abduction event.

    1. that was strange that was real instead of fake cause the incident was remind unknown to others and that was warned that was a disturbing contant. and that kinds of making everyone speechless and shocking and some of them were faint of hearts