Sunday, September 11, 2016

Blackburn & Weatherly on the Paracast

This week I'm back on the Paracast along with my friend and fellow Wood Knocks author Lyle
Blackburn.  We're discussing all things Sasquatch!

The two hour show covers a wide range of questions about Bigfoot from various sightings around the country, to possible explanations of the strange creature's origins.

Thanks to hosts Gene Steinberg and Chris O'Brien for having us on for a great discussion.
The Paracast is one of the most dynamic shows airing and these guys have a strong following of loyal listeners who often jump in with intelligent questions.

"Gene and Chris bring back two noted Bigfoot researchers — David Weatherly and Lyle Blackburn. Both are contributing authors in Wood Knocks, a new yearly journal covering Bigfoot research and investigations, which is being published by Weatherly’s publishing company. Both have been on the show before and are considered two of our top cryptozoological researchers. David is also considered a leading “Black-eyed Kids” researcher and Lyle (on his Paracast appearance in 2014) spoke about “Lizard Men” sightings. This episode is designed to bring you up to date on cutting-edge work in these fields."

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