Thursday, October 20, 2016

Patty Footage 49 Years Ago

October 20, 1967, forty-nine years ago today, two men became legends in the field of cryptozoology when they captured footage of a hairy creature in the woods of northern California.

Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin were on the search for Bigfoot near bluff creek in Humboldt County when they filmed the 16mm footage. The female creature they caught on camera has since become fondly known as "Patty."

Countless books, shows and documentaries have been produced that deal with the film and the events that surround it. It's considered one of the most intriguing pieces of footage and is still a hotly debated clip.

Patterson passed away in 1972, but Gimlin is still alive and well and is a frequent guest at Bigfoot conferences around the country.  So today, let's tip our hats to the two cowboys who gave us such a fascinating piece of the Sasquatch puzzle!

For a clip of the footage, commonly known as the PG Film, that includes analysis by make-up and effects artist Bill Munns, see below:

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