Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy Monkey Day 2014

Happy Monkey Day!

December 14th is International Monkey Day.

The holiday started in 2000 and was the inspiration of a pair of students from Michigan State University. When the pair began to include the ‘holiday’ in their artwork and comic strips, other artists took up the idea and played along. Over time, the holiday began to be promoted online and caught the attention of artists and activist around the world.

Although called Monkey Day, the holiday has become a time to raise awareness for all primate related causes. Animal rights organizations, sanctuaries and rescue groups use the day to generate attention to their causes, and to have a little fun along the way. Over the years, numerous artists have produced Monkey related material during the holiday.

Director Peter Jackson, in a nod to International Monkey Day, released King Kong on December 14th, 2005.

Casey Sorrow, one of the MSU students responsible for the genesis of Monkey Day, maintains a blog called “Monkeys in the News.” Check it out for some interesting highlights:

The Monkey Sanctuary works hard to assist primates and has an annual ‘adopt a monkey for Christmas’ program:


Cryptid Christmas 2014

Tis’ the season for Crypto-Gifts! While I’m sure there are tons of books and DVDs on the list of most people interested in cryptozoology, I thought it would be interesting to list a few of the more unusual items on offer that may spark the interest of those fascinated with strange animals.

DB383084Bigfoot Tree Ornament
What’s better than Bigfoot on a Christmas tree? These ornaments have been around for a few years but they remain a holiday favorite. Cast in resin, the figure depicts Sasquatch with a Christmas cap and a string of lights. The ornaments are available from Design Toscano:

SafariCryptozoologyToob__04912_1383691835_1280_1280Cryptozoology Toob
Toy company Safari Ltd., has produced a new item in their ‘toobs’ line and they’ve ventured into cryptozoology. The new toob features a series of seven cryptids that includes: Bigfoot, Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, Kraken, Jackalope, Furry Trout and the Coelacanth.
These quality miniatures are made of hard plastic and look great on any cryptid hunter’s bookshelf. They’re available from the International Cryptozoology Museum for a limited time. While you’re at the site, check out the other fine offerings from them including t-shirts and Museum passes:

00453408-810815_283Giant Squid Coffee Mug
The Discovery Store has a number of items available from its annual Monster Week event. The giant squid coffee mug pictured here is just one of the many possibilities. Other items include t-shirts, ipad & iphone covers and magnets, all with the monster week logo and various creatures.

shirt1-blackBoggy Creek T-Shirt
Back in 2012, author Lyle Blackburn penned the ultimate book on the Legend of Boggy Creek. Many modern cryptozoologist remember the film fondly and consider it an early inspiration in their pursuit of strange creatures. Since his book release, Blackburn has released a number of Boggy Creek items featuring the legendary creature. A favorite is the Best of Boggy Creek T-shirt, produced on high quality cotton and available in all sizes. They’re available at the Fouke Monster shop at the website below.

Yeti Statue
Finally, the ‘big one.’ Design Toscano already produced a Bigfoot statue available in three different sizes from a couple of feet up to a ‘life sized,’ six foot version. Now, they’ve turned their attention to the Himalayan Yeti, or, as some call him, the Abominable Snowman. Just like the brown Bigfoot, the Yeti is produced in three different sizes, medium, large and life size. Ranging in price from a hundred dollars for the medium statue, to a hefty price tag of over two grand for the six footer, these unique statues are nicely done and will be a great prize for any cryptozoologist on your list.