Sunday, February 26, 2017

Nexus Newsfeed App

Nexus Magazine first appeared in Australia in 1987 has a quarterly publication. By the 1990s, it was taken over by different publishers and became a full fledged, bi-monthly magazine. Circulation grew quickly since Nexus covered cutting edge, alternative information that many other magazines avoided.

I remember discovering the magazine myself back in the 90's when it was available at newsstands as an import. I still have tons of back issues. From ancient mysteries, to alternative health, science, UFOs and much, much more, Nexus covers the spectrum for those interested in alternative thought.

As conspiracy writer Jim Marrs states:

"Nexus Magazine should be on every thinking person's desk. It fills that news gap between fact and fancy, covering topics unfamiliar to most people."

Nexus has recently relaunched with a new look and can be found on newsstands and in mainstream bookstores. But that's not all, keeping up with the changing, digital world, the magazine is also available in electronic format, and, best of all, they've created an app that allows people to keep up with news on a daily basis.

The app has come in sort of "under the radar" so to speak. Although it's been available for over a year, there are still a lot of people in the field who seem unaware of it. I downloaded it myself some time back and have been using it on a regular basis. Being on the road a lot, these types of apps are great tools.

The app opens to the main news feed. This gives you all the latest postings and it's updated on a daily basis. You'll get a mix of everything this way from health to the unexplained to politics and everything in between. If you want to filter the feed and see the latest from a particular category, there's a drop down menu that will let you pick your topics. The designers have done an excellent job as there are just the right amount of categories to easily get to the type of news you want.

The format is easy on the eyes too. There's a graphic on the left side and the headline is on the right along with the date and category that the story falls under. Clicking in to the headline will give you the full story, along with a link to the original source. It's a great way to discover sites you might not be aware of.

My only disappointment in the app comes from the feed for "events." This is listed in the drop down menu and, as the tag implies, gives you a list of events worldwide. At least, that's the idea.

And it's a great one, especially for those who travel and want to network, or, those who want to plan travel specifically around conferences and workshops. Unfortunately, it seems to get the least amount of attention from those responsible for the feed. Checking the list today, there are only about a half dozen events listed. On any given weekend, there are tons of conferences, workshops, seminars and more around the world. To be fair, I've no doubt that it would be a full time job keeping up with all the various events. However, even a cursory glance online would yield a lot more than are shown on the feed.

Overall, I highly recommend this app. I've always enjoyed the magazine and the convenience of the news feed is certainly handy.
The app is available for both apple and android users.

For more info, check the Nexus website here:!/1

Friday, February 24, 2017

House of the Haunted Fields

In rural Mississippi, there's a small house that looks like something from another era. Cobbled together with pieces from other homes that used to stand in the area, the house sits surrounded by cotton fields and dark woods.
There's no power, no light pollution from cities, no sounds of traffic or people. The darkness and quite alone can be unnerving for those used to the sounds of bustling cities.

The place is now known as "The House of the Haunted Fields" and it's slowly gaining a reputation for several reasons.

Each year, around Halloween, there's a haunted attraction on the property with creepy scenes from horror films. Characters ranging from Jason Vorhees to Fredy Kruger can be spotted lurking in the shadows and people come to have a good scare for a small fee.

But outside of the "fun scares" provided during the fall, there's another unsettling fact about this property--It really is haunted.

There's a wide range of reports from this historic location. It's a brief drive from Vicksburg, a major hub of activity during the Civil War. Various entities have been reported at the site, not just within the home, but also outside, in the cotton fields and woods that surround it.

There are reports of a ghost train that can still be heard, though even the original tracks are now long gone.
A strange entity known as the "tree man" has been seen, leaping among the branches of trees that surround the house. Ghostly apparitions have been spotted all around the land. Why is it such a vortex of activity?

The Society of the Supernatural was invited to the home to look for some answers and evidence. It was a cray investigation to say the least.

For more info on the house, check out their Facebook page, they're great people!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

February 2017 BEK Update

This month's roundup of some recent BEK reports includes two from Lon Strickler's Phantoms and Monsters blog:

"One was very tall and lanky, wearing a dark hooded cape. The other was short, like the size of a 5-year-old, dressed in a black one-piece suit that covered its head. And yet, I had an unmistakable sense that the smaller one was the 'person in charge' of the duo and the situation. I was scared since I thought these two were up to 'no good' and I couldn't understand why my husband had let them in-at the same time wondering where he was."

So says "Jaye" who reported her encounter to Strickler recently. Jaye's account falls within the standard BEK accounts, but the aftermath is even creepier since Jaye says she may have become pregnant during the incident.

More details at Lon's blog here:

Strickler has also recently posted another BEK account, this one involving a woman who answers the door to find a creepy kid wanting entrance. The interesting thing about this report is the reaction of the woman's cat. Check it out here:

Finally, in the "make up your own mind" department this month, a video from Fantastic News Daily claiming that a pair of black eyed kids have been arrested in Manchester. Purportedly the kids, a male and a female, were examined by a doctor after their arrest. According to the report, the Dr. stated that the black eyes were real and not the result of body modification or contacts.

Hey, I just report this stuff, watch the video and decided for yourself: 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Check out Brainwaves Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio were I'll be discussing Haunted Toys, the new book I co-wrote with Ross Allison.

I'll be giving the run down on several of the creepy toys included in the book and maybe a few other stories too:

"We’ve all played with toys. Hell, despite our age, some of us still do. Sometimes we can get too attached to them. Sometimes… they can get too attached to us! Sound spooky? You betcha! Coming up on episode 34 of Brainwaves Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio, we’ll have David Weatherly talking about haunted toys!
Tune in this coming Wednesday, February 22nd, at 8:00PM PT/11:00PM ET for all the shenanigans fit to be had! It’s radio without a safety net, kids. It’s Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio."

Radio Misterioso Interview

I recently sat down with writer and researcher Greg Bishop to do an interview for his show, Radio Misterioso.

This was a great discussion as Greg and I share many similar viewpoints and, best of all, we delved into material not often covered on other shows.

As Greg states:

"We sat in a couple of comfy chairs in my room at this year's conference and explored ideas about manifested thoughtforms (also known by their Tibetan name: tulpas) the Philip experiment, bigfoot as a physical being with paranormal abilities (something I hadn't considered before) and his investigation of ghostly disturbances at the Ripley Museum in Florida. He is as thoughtful and non-dogmatic as they come in this field, and that is rare."

Check out the show at the link below and be sure to delve in to Greg's previous postings, there's lots of good material to be found.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

B.E.K. Black Eyed Kids #11

The new issue of B.E.K. is out this week.

Continuing the creepy story by Joe Pruett and Szymon Kudranski, there are new turns in the story as more characters start coming together and the boy king continues to show his dark nature.

Also included in this issue, my regular backup column chronicling real encounters with the dark eyed entities. This month I relate the account of a BEK encounter that served as an omen of death.

Grab this at your local comics shop, or at the Aftershock comics website:

Monday, February 13, 2017

Investigation at Ripley's, Panama City, Night 2

Our second night of investigation at Ripley's Believe it or Not in Panama City, Florida was just as intriguing as the first.

Manifestations this time included the sound of drums, picked up on an audio recorder, more disembodied voices and some amazing responses from the Poltercom while in the Titanic exhibit.

Most fascinating for me was a strange interaction while standing beside a statue of an African Snake God. The Xcam SLS mapped a manifestation appearing over the statue and moving beyond it. At the same time, when a ghost box was pointed at me, someone, or something, noted that I was a shaman.

Once again, Ripley's proved to be a fascinating place full of activity and haunted objects. We're honored to have been asked to investigate this amazing location.

Some of our footage from night two can be viewed here:

If you missed the first part of our investigation, you can find more information in my previous post:

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Haunted Executioner's Table

Our recent investigation of the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum in Panama City, Florida yielded some amazing results. There was a wide range of paranormal activity at numerous locations within the building. Disembodied voices, unexplained sounds, intelligent responses to questions and more.

By far, one of the most intriguing pieces of evidence we collected was caught with the Xcam SLS camera. I've been working with the SLS cam for quite some time and it's an amazing piece of equipment. Designed by Bill Chappell, the device "maps" spirits as they attempt to manifest, appearing as stick figures on the device's screen. The SLS has been seen numerous times on Ghost Adventures.

While at the Ripley's museum, we encountered intense activity around an African executioner's table. The table is a hand carved piece that sits low to the ground. As its name implies, it was used for executions, specifically, be-headings. One spot on the top of the table is stained, apparently from extensive use.

While we ran a spirit box session by the table, I aimed the SLS camera to see if anything would attempt to manifest and interact with us. Dave Spinks and I watched the stunning results.

A figure not only appeared next to the table, but it knelt, flopped its torso on the table and, as we watched, the head disappeared.

Check out the evidence clip below to see this unbelievable manifestation.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Investigation at Ripley's Panama City

Robert Ripley, creator of the famous "Ripley's Believe it or Not" comic series, traveled the world many times over, returning home to the states with a wide range of artifacts gathered from cultures far and wide.

His comic series was so popular that, at one time, he was receiving more mail than the president of the United States.

One of Ripley's visions was to have a series of museums, or, "Odditoriums" as he called them, around the country so that people could come and view the amazing things he had gathered.

Ripley passed away at the age of 58 in 1949, but his legacy has lived on, spanning successful television shows and more. His vision for Odditoriums has also continued and there are now locations around the world, each filled with unique items gathered by Ripley during his travels.

Recently, SOS (Society of the Supernatural) was invited to investigate Ripley's museum in Panama City, Florida. It was an amazing opportunity to say the least. We spent two nights in the museum and could have easily spent even more time, there are so many items, some with strange and intense histories behind them, that it was impossible to cover every singe thing.

Check out some of the footage from our livestream event of the first night at Ripley's:

If you're ever in Panama City, be sure to take time out for a visit to this amazing location. It's a great way to get a glimpse of the weird and fascinating world of Robert Ripley!
Check out their website for special events and discounts:

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Inside the Goblin Universe

Join me tonight as I step "Inside the Goblin Universe" to have a chat with my friends, show host Ron Murphy and Colin Schneider.

We'll be discussing a wide range of supernatural topics. Catch the show on Paranormal UK Radio at 10 EST at the link below.