Monday, December 31, 2012

Filip Coppens 1971-2012

A star has gone out.

On December 30th, Filip Coppens lost his battle with a rare form of cancer.
I was deeply saddened when I heard the news that Filip Coppens had passed away.  Such a profound sense of loss is hard to move forward from.  I didn't get to spend nearly enough time with Filip and I can only imagine the pain that his lovely wife Kathleen and their family are now feeling.

Filip was known around the world as an author and researcher.  His smiling face was prominent on the hit television series, Ancient Aliens.  If you only know him from television however, you're missing the true goldmine of his work, his writing.  Filip penned quite a number of masterful works including, The Ancient Alien Question, The Lost Civilization Enigma and Land of the Gods.  He also wrote about the mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel and was a frequent contributor to cutting edge magazines like Atlantis Rising and Nexus.  Reading his material will open your eyes and bring questions to your mind.

Despite his fame in the alternative community, Filip was one of the warmest people I've ever met.  The wide scope of his knowledge had not inflated his ego and he was always open to new ideas and concepts.  He treated everyone in the kindest manner you can imagine but in his research he was confident and stood his ground.

I felt a special connection to Filip, the kind of kinship that harkens to other lives, other times.  After my lecture at the 2012 Paradigm Symposium, Filip made a point of coming over and complimenting me.  Coming from him, those compliments meant much more than he knew.

While I have no doubt that Filip has gone to a much better place, all of us who knew him, all of those he touched through his work and his writing have suffered a great loss.
His legacy will continue to shine brightly, a guiding star for those of us who explore the mysteries of this world and for that he deserves thanks.

So, thank you Filip

For being a friend

For being an inspiration

And for being the kind of human being that we should all strive to be.

I encourage you all to read Filip's last blog entry, written December 16th:

Monday, December 24, 2012

12 Paranormal Days

Just for fun!
A Paranormal Christmas
(To the tune of 12 Days of Christmas of course)

On a paranormal Christmas
My true love showed to me
A Chupacabras in a palm tree

On the second day of Christmas
My true love showed to me
Two baby Sasquatch
And a Chupacabras in a palm tree

On the third day of Christmas
My true love showed to me
Three Black Eyed Kids
Two baby Sasquatch
And a Chupacabras in a palm tree

On the fourth day of Christmas
My true love showed to me
Four Thunderbirds
Three Black Eyed Kids
Two baby Sasquatch
And a Chupacabras in a palm tree

On the fifth day of Christmas
My true love showed to me
Five Poltergeist
Four Thunderbirds
Three Black Eyed Kids
Two baby Sasquatch
And a Chupacabras in a palm tree

On the sixth day of Christmas
My true love showed to me
Six EVPs
Five Poltergeist
Four Thunderbirds
Three Black Eyed Kids
Two baby Sasquatch
And a Chupacabras in a palm tree

On the seventh day of Christmas
My true love showed to me
Seven Shadow People
Six EVPs
Five Poltergeist
Four Thunderbirds
Three Black Eyed Kids
Two baby Sasquatch
And a Chupacabras in a palm tree

On the eighth day of Christmas
My true love showed to me
Eight Skinwalkers
Seven Shadow People
Six EVPs
Five Poltergeist
Four Thunderbirds
Three Black Eyed Kids
Two baby Sasquatch
And a Chupacabras in a palm tree

On the ninth day of Christmas
My true love showed to me
Nine Reptilians
Eight Skinwalkers
Seven Shadow People
Six EVPs
Five Poltergeist
Four Thunderbirds
Three Black Eyed Kids
Two baby Sasquatch
And a Chupacabras in a palm tree

On the tenth day of Christmas
My true love showed to me
Ten Government Secrets
Nine Reptilians
Eight Skinwalkers
Seven Shadow People
Six EVPs
Five Poltergeist
Four Thunderbirds
Three Black Eyed Kids
Two baby Sasquatch
And a Chupacabras in a palm tree

On the eleventh day of Christmas
My true love showed to me
Eleven Flying Saucers
Ten Government Secrets
Nine Reptilians
Eight Skinwalkers
Seven Shadow People
Six EVPs
Five Poltergeist
Four Thunderbirds
Three Black Eyed Kids
Two baby Sasquatch
And a Chupacabras in a palm tree

On the twelfth day of Christmas
My true love showed to me
Twelve Ancient Aliens
Eleven Flying Saucers
Ten Government Secrets
Nine Reptilians
Eight Skinwalkers
Seven Shadow People
Six EVPs
Five Poltergeist
Four Thunderbirds
Three Black Eyed Kids
Two baby Sasquatch
And a Chupacabras in a palm tree

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gralien Report II

Technical difficulties prevented a live broadcast of the Gralien Report tonight but not to worry, Micha recorded the show and it's now posted for your perusal.  We spent quite some time talking and the conversation was a wild ramble from black eyed kids to John Keel to reptilians, the underground and the nature of our dimension.  Hope you all enjoy it, I know I had a great time on the show.


Gralien Report

Catch me tonight on the Gralien Report for a special segement on John Keel. The show is hosted by my friend Micah Hanks, author of "The UFO Singularity"

Tonight on The Gralien Report: Copycat Crimes, UFO madness and altogether odd stories, along with a special John Keel discussion, with special guest David Weatherly. Tune in tonight at 8 PM ET to listen live!

Friday, December 14, 2012

A Tragic Day

For anyone who somehow missed it, there's been a tragic shooting at an elementary school in CT today.  A lot of lives have been lost, including students.  Such violent crimes are always terrible, but they seem even more devastating when children are involved.

Let's all take a moment from our day to remember the sacredness of life.

Please join me in sending prayers and positive energy to all the victims whose lives have been affected by this tragedy.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Vampire of Serbia

In the western part of Serbia, the small town of Zarozje is in the midst of a public health concern.  The threat?  A vampire.
While it may sound like the plot of a horror movie, town Mayor, Miodrag Vujetic is convinced that the vampire legend is real and released an official warning to residents.  Locals have been warned to take all necessary precautions and to stock up on garlic and crosses.  "We are all very frightened" the Mayor said when he told locals to hang crosses on their walls and to place the garlic around all doors and windows.

The supposed Vampire's name is Sava Savanovic.  Local lore has been filled with stories of the reputed vampire for years.  Savanovic lived in an old water mill on the Rogacica river.  Legend says that when visitors came to the mill in search of grain, they would fall victim to the bloodlust of Savanovic and his vampiric needs.
The mill sat empty for years, owned by a local family  who was afraid to use it for fear of disrupting the slumbering vampire.  Left to the elements, the building rotted and collapsed.  It's the destruction of the building that has re-ignited fears of the vampire.  Locals believe that the now homeless vampire is angry and on the prowl for fresh blood.

While some townspeople view the legend as a creative way to build tourism, many are actually worried about falling victim to the vampire.  They wear crosses, carry garlic in their pockets and warn visitors about the undead entity roaming the vicinity.  Some locals claim that they've heard the vampire walking in the nearby forest.  Adding to the tension in the area, five people have died recently, one right after another.  While one of the deaths was a suicide, some members of the community are proclaiming that the deaths are not accidents and are indeed connected to the legendary, angry vampire.

While the vampire is a popular fictional character in western horror movies, the view of these undead creatures is quite different in Serbia and its neighboring countries. 
Most scholars believe that vampire myths were created as a result of people trying to understand the mysteries of death.  Medical mysteries, death and decomposition of the body all contributed to the mythological lore of the vampire.  While science has explained many of these mysteries over the years, the power of cultural traditions does not easily fade away.  Eastern Europe is the home of vampire lore and the long history of the bloodsuckers dates back to at least the 1700's.  If recent
stories like this one are any indication, vampires are here to stay, at least in Serbia.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Equipped! with the ParaHunter

Had a good time on Equipped with the Parahunter tonight.  Pete Stagman and his wife Donna are great host.  Despite a couple of technical problems, we covered a lot of ground.  This two hour interview includes discussion of Skinwalkers, Little People, Paranormal Television and the Black Eyed Children.  Check it out in the show archives:

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Into The Dark Radio

Catch me on the latest episode of Into The Dark Radio with Steve Rogers and Shawn McMahon.  Podcast is up now:

Friday, November 30, 2012

Paradigm Symposium 2013

I'm pleased to announce that I've been asked to return to the Paradigm Symposium in 2013.  Held in October in Minneapolis, MN, 2012's Paradigm Symposium was one of the best events of recent years.  Hosted in style by Intrepid magazine's Scotty Roberts and Micah Hanks, the Symposium includes lectures, a special banquet, VIP cocktail party and endless opportunities to meet the
speakers and other attendees.

Next year's event promises to be even more spectacular.  Several popular speakers from last year have agreed to return including Philip Coppens, Giorgio Tsoukalos and Dr. John Ward.  Other speakers are being announced as they confirm and it's sure to be an impressive list.

Over a month since the 2012 conference, attendees are still talking about this event.  Tickets for the 2013 gathering are already on sale.  Get your early bird tickets now while they're available, the event is sure to sell out.

For more information about the 2013 Paradigm Symposium go to:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Coast To Coast AM

I'll be on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory Tuesday night from 11-2 pacific time.  Listen in as we discuss the paranormal and my book, The Black Eyed Children.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Eyed Children

The Black Eyed Children was published in March of 2012 and the first edition was a sellout success.  I'm happy to announce that the second edition is rolling off the presses!  The book has been re-edited and includes a new foreword by Nick Redfern.  Copies can be purchased directly from

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Mayans & 2012

Are we mere weeks away from the end of the world?
For the past few years, the mass media has helped promote the fear surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar.  December 21, 2012 we are told, is doomsday.  The last day of the Mayan calendar and the supposed destruction of the earth.  Countless movies have shown us dramatic displays of the destruction but there's much debate as to the form it will take.  Massive earthquakes, volcanoes and tidal waves are all thrown in the mix.  Some new age groups believe that a pole shift will occur
with the north and south poles suddenly trading their positions, wiping us all from existence.

Our planet has faced doomsday, or rather doomsday predictions, on numerous occasions.  There was mass panic at the end of the first millennium A.D.  The year 999 turned out to be quite a prosperous one for churches and monasteries as people donated all of their earthly wealth, hoping for a chance at salvation before the end came with the dawn of the year 1000.  There have been other end points predicted too.  The year 1524 was supposed to bring a great flood that would end the world on February 20th.  This prediction was based on a conjunction of the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  Alas, there was only a bit of rain here and there.
We've had modern scares of the end too.  The year 1999 saw a rise in Armageddon fever.  It seemed that the year 2000 was scheduled to bring about a great cyber collapse.  Better known as Y2K, the dawn of 2000 was supposed to usher in the total downfall of all technology throwing us back to the stone age.  Yet, here we are in 2012 and every teenager in sight has a cell phone in hand.

The biggest question that should be asked about the end of the Mayan calendar is, what do the Mayans themselves say?
There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the Mayan civilization but they are certainly not extinct as some people believe.  I've had the honor of meeting Mayan elders on some of my travels.  Years ago when I spoke with them, they considered the whole idea absurd. 
"It's only the end of a cycle, not the end of the world" one elder told me.  The Mayans were very advance in the art of time keeping and were able to track cycles well into the future.  The December date marks the end of a cycle in the Mayan long count calendar. 
"We see this not as an ending, but as a transition time.  It is a chance for all of us to change how we chose to conduct ourselves, to change what isn't working and to live in a better way.  There will be some turmoil yes, but sometimes that is needed to help people wake up and take notice that things must change."
Despite the Mayans long battle against the doomsday myth, the government of Guatemala seems to prefer the end of the world scenario.  In fact, this December, Guatemala's Ministry of Culture is hosting a massive event in Guatemala city.  The gathering is being promoted as a 'doomsday' celebration and the country expects close to 100,000 attendees.  Apparently, the government is hoping to profit from the end of the world.
An alliance of traditional Mayans called Oxlaljuj Ajpop plans to hold scared events in five cities to counter the government sponsored doomsday party.  The group's leader, Felipe Gomez states, "We are speaking out against deceit, lies and twisting of the truth, and turning us into folklore-for-profit.  They are not telling the truth about time cycles."
There will of course be changes.  We've been seeing these on a global scale for the past few years and it should be clear to everyone by now that we simply must transform how we conduct ourselves on this planet.  The Mayans believe that the end of this cycle brings with it the opportunity to re-evaluate ourselves and our society.  Yes, there's war, chaos and strife all around us but we don't have to accept it as our permanent reality.  If we take the Mayan lessons to heart and work together for a more positive future, there is nothing that we can't accomplish. 

If you prefer to hold to the belief that the world is about to end and want to dump all of your money, well, feel free to send it my way, I'm not a church but I'll be sure it's put to good use.  Otherwise, let's all focus on a positive, spiritual world as we enter 2013.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

PRS Radio

Monday, November 19th, I'll be appearing on Paranormal State Radio to chat with host Alex Matsuo.  Join me for what's sure to be a unique chat as we discuss the black eyed children.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Are the Pyramids in Danger?

The Pyramids of Egypt are some of the most recognized monuments in the world.  They are surrounded in mystery and have been the source of countless theories regarding their construction and purpose.

But are these iconic structures now in danger of being destroyed?

The Pyramid fields from Giza to Dahshur are listed as a World Heritage site, but despite their historical significance and importance, some Islamic leaders are now calling for their destruction.
An Egyptian jihadist with self-professed connections to the terrorist Taliban is calling for the destruction of the Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza.  Appearing on Egyptian television, Murgan Salem al-Gohary has urged Muslims to "destroy the idols" referring to the pyramids, sphinx and other ancient structures.
He stressed during the interview, "All Muslims are charged with applying the teachings of Islam to remove such idols, as we did in Afghanistan when we destroyed the Buddha statues."  He further stated, "God ordered Prophet Mohammed to destroy idols, when I was with the Taliban we destroyed the statue of Buddha, something the government failed to do.”
Murgan Salem al-Gohary is referring to the destruction of two thousand year old Buddhist statues in Afghanistan in 2001 when the Taliban were in control of the country.
It was only after the fall of Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak in 2011 that al-Gohary was released from prison.  Since then, he has, along with other conservative Islamists, been a proponent of the strict application of Sharia law in the country's new constitution.
Other radicals have also called for the destruction of Egypt's monuments.  The "Sheikh of Sunni Sheikhs" Abd al-latif al-Mahmoud has urged Egypt's new president, Muhammad Morsi, to "destroy the Pyramids".

While some radicals call for the destruction of what they call "symbols of paganism" many Muslims have a more reasonable view.  They point out that the Sphinx and the pyramids are not worshiped as idols.  The ultra-conservative Salafi Muslims however, hold a more extreme view.  The Salafi Muslims follow conservative principles and they view all statues and sculptures as objects prohibited by Islam.  Recent parliamentary elections in Egypt have seen the Salafis gain more political power in the country.

It's hard for westerners to conceive of the idea of tearing down the pyramids, but time will tell how the current Egyptian government will deal with the political pressure to do so.  Most people hope that the new president, Mohammed Mursi, will help preserve the monuments and cultural heritage of the country.

The Egyptian government has recently announced that it will reveal more of its ancient treasures including the tomb of Queen Meresankh III, the granddaughter of Khufu as well as the underground Serapeum temple at Sakkara.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Provo Canyon Bigfoot

A recent Bigfoot video making the rounds on the Internet has captured the interest of Cryptozoologist and Sasquatch enthusiasts.  The short clip, captured in Provo Canyon, Utah shows what appears to be a Sasquatch type creature rising up amidst some foliage. Uploaded by a user named 'Beard Card', the original video clip has already scored millions of youtube hits and continues to attract attention.

Beard Card was in the area on a camping trip with three other people.  The videographer and the others were in the canyon observing the herds of deer so prevalent in the area.  The group spotted what they at first thought was a black bear moving behind some trees near Squaw Peak and Little Rock Canyon.  As the dark figure was moving along, Beard Card began filming.  Suddenly, what they assumed was a bear rose up to a bipedal position.  Unfortunately, Beard Card ran away in a panic just as the figure stood up, causing the camera to pan away and leaving many unanswered questions.  He has stated in interviews that he does not know exactly what the figure was and that he was not involved in any kind of hoax. 

While the video continues to generate interest, many people have speculated that the figure may be someone in a gorilla suit.  If true, it was a risky time for such a hoax since the footage was captured during deer hunting season.
The video clip certainly doesn't provide enough data to conclude wether or not the subject is simply a human or if it is indeed an unknown bipedal creature.  Personally, I don't believe that the figure is a bear as some have speculated.  It's possible that it's a human, perhaps a hunter who was quietly waiting for deer although there's no evidence of a firearm.

Utah's wilderness area is vast so the possibility of an unknown creature in the state is much higher than in more densely populated regions.
An enhanced version of the Provo Canyon footage can be seen here:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Phantom BEKs

This account of a pair of BEKs in Pittsburgh, PA was recently sent to me.  Oddly, one of the children doesn't seem to have fully materialized during this encounter.  This led the witness to believe he had seen a ghost, but perhaps it's a clue as to the true nature of these beings.

"My wife and I moved to Pittsburgh, PA in 2001.  She had family in the area and she'd always wanted to be close to them.  At first, we rented an apartment for a year while we settled into new jobs.  Once the year was up and we had decided to stay in the area, we started looking for a house.  By 2002, we moved into our own house, a one story place that we found for a good price.  The neighborhood was clean and quiet and within a couple of months we had met most of the families on the block.  It was a great place to live.
My wife and I both worked about the same hours, so except for occasional overtime, we usually arrived home around the same time.  This strange incident happened to us in September of 2002.  It was a weekday around the later part of the month.  I got home first and my wife about a half hour after me.  We talked for a minute but my wife wasn't feeling too well, so she went to the bedroom to lay down.  I was sitting in the living room, watching some sports.  About fifteen minutes after my wife had gone to the bedroom, there was a knock at the front door.  It was sort of loud and I didn't want it to wake her so I put my drink and the TV remote down and quickly got up.  It was strange
because the knocking just kept going, the person wouldn't let up.  When I opened the door, there was this kid standing on the step.  He was wearing a gray hooded top and his hands were stuck in the pockets.  I wondered for a moment how he had been knocking because his hands were in his pockets.  I'd never seen this boy in the neighborhood before.  He was staring straight at me and his look was rather mean.  Before I even said anything, this kid says 'I want to come into your house now.'
The hair on the back of my neck went up, this kid's tone was so cold.  He looked about ten years old, and this didn't sound right coming from him.  I looked at him and realized his eyes were solid black.  I felt like I was starting to panic.  I don't know why I did it, but I looked beyond him, out to the street.  Maybe I was hoping there was someone else out there, I don't know.  When I looked back at the boy, I only glanced at his face, I couldn't stand those eyes.  Then I glanced down and realized I couldn't really see his feet.  I know how strange this sounds, I don't really know how to explain it, it's almost like his legs just faded away.  I slammed the door on him and turned around to see my wife rushing into the room.  She looked frightened and said to me; 'There's a kid knocking on the bedroom window and he has black eyes!'  I was so stunned I didn't know what to say.  I opened the front door again but there was no one there.  I ran outside and went to the corner of the house where our bedroom windows were, again there was no one there.  There must have been two of those kids, but I simply can't imagine that they were able to get away from the house so quickly.  There was something so unnatural about the boy I saw standing on the steps, and I've never understood
why I couldn't see his feet.  For a long time, I thought that we had seen ghosts.  It's only in the past year that we came across stories of the black eyed children on the Internet.  We now believe this is what we witnessed.  Thankfully, they never returned."

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Paradigm 2012

A few special pics from this year's Paradigm Symposium.  See you all next year!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Every year, around this time, the crazies come out.  No, I'm not talking about the people dressed as ghosts, witches and pirates, I'm talking about the fervent religious believers out to 'educate' us about the evil nature of Halloween and its festivities.
So, here's my brief rant against these ridiculous ideas.

Without fail, in late October, articles and videos surface that purport to give us the true 'Satanic' origins of Halloween.  'Save your children' they proclaim.  'Stop them from trick-or-treating!'  In various versions, we're told that the holiday is devoted to Satan, designed to convert people to worship the dark lord and that the entire event is a massive 'black Sabbath.'  One recent video making the rounds on the internet wraps up pagans, Satanists and Mormons in the global Halloween plot.  Apparently, they've all been in league on this from the onset.
Often, the person writing the article claims to be an ex high priest or priestess of some satanic church.  They've been saved somewhere along the way and it's now their mission to put a stop to Halloween
These articles would be quite laughable if not for the fact that so many people blindly buy into the 'facts' presented.
Honestly, I wish these people would educate themselves in terms of both history and religion.  The reality of Satanism is that it is a fairly modern creation, gaining most of it's attention in the 1960s with the advent of the official 'Church of Satan' created by showman Anton LaVey.  LaVey was outrageous and basically created anti-versions of Christian rites.  He sprinkled in a bit of witchcraft, upside down crosses and lots of nudity.  It became a fad and a way to rebel against the structured church.  Satanist aren't Mormons, and pagans aren't Satanist.

As for Halloween, the primary root of the celebration is the Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-en).  It marked the end of the harvest and the start of the dark half of the year, or winter.
You'll find that many of our modern Halloween traditions have direct links to early Celtic ideas and practices.  From masks to jack o'lanterns it's all there.  I won't go into the full history here though.  Rather, I encourage you to research it and educate yourself.  Maybe it will set an example for all the experts out there who are attempting to educate us.

In the mean time, Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Spirit Revolution

What better topic for Halloween then the creepy Black Eyed Children?

You can catch me tonight on a special episode of 'The Spirit Revolution' hosted by ancient aliens star Philip Coppens and Author Kathleen McGowan.  We'll discuss these strange children and some of the links they have to myth and folklore.
Philip and Kathleen are excellent host and I had a great time on the show, I could talk to these two for ages.

If you miss the initial airing, you can listen to the show in archives.  While you're there, be sure to download some of the other fantastic interviews Philip and Kathleen have conducted.

The Spirit Revolution can be found here:

Monday, October 29, 2012

Paradigm Symposium 2012

It's hard to believe that the Paradigm Symposium has come and gone.  Sometimes, on rare occasions, an event not only lives up to its hype, but breaks the barriers and goes beyond its intended potential.  Such was the case in Minneapolis, MN this October.

The brainchild of Scotty Roberts and Micah Hanks, publishers of Intrepid magazine, the Paradigm Symposium 2012 was a gathering of alternative thinkers and scholars from around the globe.  Featuring well known figures of Ancient Alien studies, the symposium had a star studded lineup.

Even from the start, it seemed that those in attendance sensed that something special was happening.  And it was.  Well beyond the lecture hall and vendor area, the depth of the conference and the connections that people were making could be seen and felt.  The restaurant, bar and atrium all stayed busy till the wee hours each night. 
More than one person commented about the accessibility of the speakers.  One could wander about and chat with Philip Coppens, see Giorgio Tsoukalos (and his hair) or catch Dr. John Ward levitating a cup of coffee. (a paradigm joke)
By Sunday, it was evident that many people simply didn't want to leave, not wanting the magic to end.

No doubt there were glitches, every conference has some, but Scotty, Micah and their excellent group of volunteers made sure that things continued without a hitch.
Roberts and Hanks were a constant presence, though usually they were darting about like a pair of hummingbirds, ensuring that everyone was receiving the nectar of knowledge.  Judging by the overwhelming positive response, there were successful in their goals, causing us all to 'Think' at a hopefully deeper level.
For those who missed it, I'm truly sorry for you and I encourage you to do all you can to attend next year's event.  Yes, that's correct, plans are already underway for the Paradigm Symposium to return in 2013.  Frankly, I expect it to be even better.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Paradigm Symposium

There are countless events each year geared towards all aspects of the paranormal.  From straightforward ghost hunts to para-celebrity shows to simple lectures and conventions.  Rarely however, is there a gathering such as the one scheduled for Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 18-21.  It is, to put it simply, the event of the year, perhaps the event of the decade.  The list of speakers is beyond impressive.

Giorgio A Tsoukalos, George Noory, Philip Coppens, Linda Moulton Howe, Ian Punnett, Laird Scranton, Marie D. Jones, Larry Flaxman, Dr. John Ward, Anthony F. Sanchez, Paul Von Ward, John Ventre, Nick Redfern and Dan Madsen.

As if that list wasn't impressive enough, the event's headliner is the iconic Erich Von Daniken.  Mr Von Daniken's Chariot of the Gods inspired many seekers to explore the concept of Ancient Aliens and their possible influence on our planet.

I've attended too many events to count but this, I have no doubt, will be one of those once in a lifetime moments.  The masterminds behind this gathering are my friends Scott Alan Roberts author of Rise and Fall of the Nephilim and his cohort the mischievous Micah Hanks, author of Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule.
If it were anyone else, I would question wether such a gathering could be pulled off successfully, but I'm confident that these two will give us the event of a lifetime.
Both men are scholars and gentlemen (well most of the time) and their grand vision will benefit everyone who attends.

And yes, I have the honor of speaking at this event so if you attend, catch my lecture on BEKs, Hybrids and maybe a couple of other creepy creatures that are intruding into our world.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spirit Talk

This week I had the pleasure of appearing on Spirit Talk with host Chris Fleming.

Most of you will recognize Chris, he's a familiar name in the world of the paranormal having appeared on Dead Famous, Psychic Kids and a host of other shows. He's a medium, sensitive, paranormal investigator and all around nice guy.

If you haven't listened to Chris's podcast before, you're in for a treat. He does a show about once a month and chooses his topics carefully. Check out some of the excellent past shows with guests such as Bill Murphy, John Zaffis and even a special episode on the Seth material.

You can find Spirit Talk here:

Chris also runs Ghost Outlet, a great resource for paranormal equipment:


Perhaps you are aware of what's called the time prompt phenomenon.  The strange inclination to look at clocks and find that the time is exactly 11:11.  This synchronicity often extends beyond clocks, with the number appearing at random on everything from billboards to totals at the convenience store.  Various theories have been promoted over the years to account for this phenomenon.  While some new agers believe the 11:11 is a grand code that activates our DNA, others are adamant that alien races are sending us secret messages and trying to get us to pay attention.  Whatever the explanation, there's no denying that hundreds, perhaps thousands of people have been experiencing it
and talking about it for several years now.  For the most part, people report that this is a positive phenomenon that often signals changes in their lives.  But is 11:11 the only number connected with these types of synchronicities?  The short answer is, not anymore.  In recent years, a growing number of people experience seeing 3:33 repeated over and over in their lives.  Again, this is reported to have positive results and people associate it with everything from angelic presence to spiritual blessings.

On some occasions, there have been reports of the repeated appearance of the number 666.  Obviously, this does not appear on clocks, but those who begin seeing the number find it on other digital readouts, written or posted or even in their bank totals.  Unlike the manifestations of 11:11 and 333, the number 666 is automatically equated with evil due to the biblical passages that denote the number of the beast as being 666.  Those experiencing this number over and over again in their lives report misfortunes and accidents during the period that they see the number.  Is this a psychological effect brought on by our predisposed notion of the number being evil or is some sinister energy causing chaos in the lives of these people?  The question is a difficult one to answer.

Even more recently, I have begun hearing about the phenomenon of 5:17.  Specifically, 5:17 seems to be connected to negative experiences of a paranormal nature.  Take for instance the case of Rebecca.
Rebecca is an abductee.  She has been dealing with memories of numerous abductions by what most people refer to as the Greys.  Rebecca believes her abductions begin fifteen years ago and that during that time she was an unwilling participant in an alien-human hybrid breeding program.

Since her experiences, Rebecca has been haunted by the number 517.  She consistently wakes up at 5:17 each morning.  Although she usually falls back asleep in short order, the number stays with her and she thinks about it when she later gets out of bed.
Furthermore, she reports that her energy 'bottoms out' at 5:17 in the evening.  She becomes so tired that she often resorts to caffeine in order to stay awake a few hours more.  It's not just clocks though.  Rebecca often sees the number repeated during her normal day to day life.  At the coffee shop, the grocery store and other random locations.  She reports:

"I recently caught a cab to go downtown.  When I got in the cab, I looked up and this driver had a big 517 on his visor.  I asked him what the number was for and he just said, 'it's my number'.  It didn't make any sense to me but this was not a man you could have a friendly conversation with so I didn't say anything else.
Another day I was in an establishment where you had to take a number and of course the slip of paper I pulled out said 517."

Like many women with memories of the abduction experience, Rebecca is haunted by constant visions and the recall of things done to her against her will. 

"I've talked to other abductees.  Some of them think the aliens have good intent, that they are working towards the greater good but there's nothing good about my memories.  I refuse to believe that any being working for a greater good would abduct people and force them to do such things.  I never willingly went with these aliens, I never wanted my eggs to be taken for their breeding experiments.  I remember experiencing the sensations of being pregnant but it only lasted about three months.  I kept trying to make myself go to the doctor but I couldn't.  I was too afraid of what I would find out.  People were asking me what was wrong with me, was I gaining weight, was I sick.  I didn't know what to say."

Rebecca began experiencing pains in her stomach and abdomen one night.  She laid down in bed hoping the pains would subside.  It was the last thing she remember until 5:17 AM.

"I knew right away what had happened.  I had been taken again.  Not only that, but this time they had taken the baby that they had placed inside of me.  I didn't feel sad about it being gone.  Although it was from my genes, God knows what else it was combined with.  The abductions stopped after that.  Now I'm left with disturbed memories and a constant nagging that the number 517 should mean something.  Perhaps it's a warning or perhaps it's just a result of all the nasty things that happened to me during the experiences.  Whichever it is, I do not believe that there is anything peace and light about those aliens."
Rebecca's story may sound far fetched to some, but she is one of a large number of women who have come forward with tales of abductions and stories of an alien breeding program.  The numbers grow each year and the questions remain unanswered.  Are these women really being used in some bizarre genetic experiment?  If so, where are these 'aliens' coming from and what is their intent?

Rebecca is not the only person to report strange incidents revolving around the number 517.  Robert in Utah reports that 517 is a 'bad luck number.' 

"Every time I see that number, something negative happens.  It started when a homeless guy came in the store where I work.  He walked around repeating 517 in a loud voice over and over.  We had to get security to take him out.  Maybe that guy got it stuck in my head or something, I'm really not sure.  I just know that if I look at something and see that number, it seems to be a bad omen.  For instance, I got in my car one day, turned the engine over and looked at the digital clock on the dash.  It said 5:17.  I hadn't even moved and someone slammed into the passenger side of my car.  She did a lot of damage too."

Can a number really be evil?  Thousands of people would claim that the number 666 certainly is.  This belief itself may add to the dark energy and incidents often associated with the 'number of the beast'.  But what about a number like 517?  Other than being a brand of levi's, what association could the masses have with this seemingly innocent set of digits?  Maybe there is something to numbers carrying negative energy, or perhaps it's all coincidence.  But then, is there really any such thing?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Haunted Queen Mary

I have the pleasure of writing this post while sitting in a bar aboard the Queen Mary.  Yes, the haunted Queen Mary.  You see, I'm doing research.  No really.  Bartenders are great sources of information and once you tell them you're interested in the paranormal, they'll often begin spilling stories wether they're believers or not.  (Okay, by coincidence the bar does serve Guinness).

If you're reading my blog, you're interested in the paranormal and the odds are you know at least a bit about the Queen Mary.  It's been featured on countless programs and is known as a haunted ship, perhaps the most haunted ship in the world.  The vessel is docked in Long Beach, California where it has rested since going out of service in 1967.
The ship was launched in 1934 as a luxury liner and later served during WW2 as a transport vessel.  I won't recount the ship's long history here.  If you're not familiar with it already, a quick google search will provide you with tons of information.  I will say however, that the ship is an amazing glimpse into another period.  Its art deco style still holds a certain elegance despite the passing of so many years.  Sadly, the maintenance and repairs don't seem to be kept up on and I notice more wear and tear each time I visit.  No doubt it is an expensive and time consuming task to keep up on this piece of floating history.

I've been on the Queen Mary many times, but with each visit I hear new stories and learn new facts.  I'm fairly well versed in the tales of the various spirits associated with the ship but new encounters do continue to occur.  I heard several from staff members this trip, and that was before hitting the bar.  Once there however, the friendly bartender filled me in on the fact that many staff members are especially 'creeped out' by the numerous faces and images they find in the natural wood grain of the walls.  Just outside of the bar in fact, he showed me a spot on the wall that 'has the face of a devil.'  As you'll notice in the photo below, it's easy to see.

There are many such images to be found in the wood throughout the Queen Mary and it adds another curious aspect to a ship already filled with mystery.
Although I've had paranormal experiences aboard the ship before (a story for another time) I didn't experience anything this time around.  I did however enjoy my time at this classic haunted location.

If you are interested in the lore of this majestic haunted ship, I strongly suggest you pick up a copy of "The Queen Mary: A Floating Phenomenon"  This DVD was produced by my friend Bill Murphy, well known as the lead scientist on the SyFy channel's Fact or Faked the Paranormal Files.  Bill's independent work shines and we don't have to worry about pesky commercials or network editors who decide what we should or shouldn't see.  The documentary runs 75 minutes and gives us a look at some of the ship's most active locations including the First Class Pool and the Cargo Hold.  You'll also hear EVPs collected by investigators and see contact with an aggressive entity know as 'Green Room Henry.'

It's one of my favorite paranormal documentaries and you'll enjoy it wether you've been on the ship or not. 
Purchase it direct from:

Monday, September 10, 2012

UFO Hotspot: South Carolina

South Carolina has seen a boom in UFO sightings in recent months.  Multiple, unidentified objects have been observed during both day and nighttime hours.  Even more impressive, the objects have now been seen by hundreds of witnesses.

North Myrtle Beach resident Joe Kiernan has shot footage of strange lights and objects on several occasions.  His latest video, captured at around eight PM on August 26, 2012, shows a series of orange lights hovering over the ocean.  Kiernan shot his film while standing on the beach that evening.  Hundreds of other witnesses also observed the strange lights.
Kiernan's video also shows a smaller object traveling rapidly and then disappearing under the bright lights of the large object.

This is not an isolated incident either.  Numerous accounts have come in over the summer of people observing unusual craft in South Carolina.

Is this military activity?  Some kind of atmospheric anomaly?  Or is there another, alien explanation?
The significance of multiple sightings by so many witnesses makes this a fascinating case.  Both the videos and the sightings need closer investigation.

Kiernan's videos can be seen here:

Monday, September 3, 2012

Peter Robbins On Rendlesham Forest

Back in July, I wrote a post about listening to my friend Peter Robbins speak in Arizona.  Peter, along with co-author, Larry Warren, wrote the amazing 'Left At East Gate A First-Hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-up, and Investigation'.  The book chronicles the incredible events that occurred in the Rendlesham Forest area of England in 1980.

This case, often referred to as Britain's Roswell, is one of the most impressive encounters in Ufology.  Over thirty years later, there are still more questions than answers.

Researcher Peter Robbins (whom I've dubbed the nicest man in Ufology) has taken a bold step forward.  With his summer lectures in Arizona, Peter began revealing never before heard details of the Rendlesham case.

My earlier post ( was a bit of a teaser in that I couldn't possibly recount all the information that Peter gave during his several hours of speaking on the case.  Fortunately, Peter has kindly allowed video from the lectures he gave in Phoenix to be posted for everyone to view (See, I told you he was a nice guy).
If you're interested in this case, or Ufology in general, this presentation is not to be missed.

The five segments in this lecture can be found below, they're well worth your time:

Thanks again Peter for your integrity and constant push to get to the truth.  Thanks also to Phoenix Mufon for posting the videos.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch

The Uintah Basin ranks as one of the most intense paranormal hot spots in the country.  The region is rich in UFO sightings, hauntings and bizarre beings.  Cryptid encounters range from Bigfoot to Dogman and from giant wolves to phantom cats.  There are even encounters with 'little people' similar to the wee folk of Celtic lore.

Central to the basin's weirdness is the infamous Skinwalker Ranch.  The location was first made famous by journalist Zack Van Eyck who wrote a series of articles about the ranch for the Deseret News.  Later, Las Vegas journalist George Knapp, along with co-author Colm Kelleher further chronicled the strange events on the ranch in a book titled 'Hunt for the Skinwalker' published in 2005.

I've investigated a lot of cases in the Uintah Basin.  They almost always prove to be unusual and especially strange.  It's a rural area, dotted with small towns, ranches, Native American land and national forests.  From a paranormal perspective, it's an area that desperately needs further detailed study and investigation.

Skinwalker ranch itself was purchased by billionaire Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Air and Space.  Since he obtained the property, great effort has been made to keep it locked down and off limits to outsiders.  Staff on the ranch regularly claim there's no unusual activity occurring on the property.  It's a hard line to buy when the grounds are patrolled round the clock by security teams with dogs and the entrances are covered with security cameras.  Bear in mind this is in the middle of nowhere on a country road.

This week I appeared on a special round table episode of 'The Paracast' to discuss the Uintah Basin and the Skinwalker ranch.  Along with hosts Gene Steinberg and Chris O'Brien were myself, ranch expert Ryan Skinner and special guest 'Chip' an insider who revealed, for the first time, inside information about ranch operations.
You simply have to listen to this show just to hear the bombshell that Chip drops on us.

The Paracast can be heard here:

Monday, July 30, 2012

"We're Halfway There"

The following is an account that I recently received from a woman new to the UFO phenomena.  She had a strange experience while traveling in Colorado and believes that she encountered an alien-human hybrid.Being new to the study of UFOs, she is still having difficulty coming to terms with the concepts and ideas that she is now exploring.  She finds herself overwhelmed with the scope of the field and its diverse personalities and theories.  She was thrown into the subject very suddenly when she learned that her sister was an abductee.

Justine had not seen her older sister for over three years.  When they finally reconnected in the spring of 2012, Justine received the surprise of her life.  Her sister, Catherine, introduced her to the world of UFOs, aliens and abductees.

"Our parents separated when my sister and I were teenagers.  As a result, we never felt that close to our parents because we just held a lot of anger towards them" recounts Justine.  "I think it made my sister and I closer though.  That's why it was hard when she just sort of disappeared on me.  When she told me I wouldn't hear from her for a while, I thought she meant a few weeks, not several years."

Justine's sister finally got in touch with her in early 2012.  She reported that she was living in Colorado and she wanted Justine to come visit her as soon as she could.  It took a couple of months to arrange time off, but by the spring, Justine was on the road to Colorado.

"Seeing Catherine was comfortable and tense at the same time.  I arrived late on Thursday night and we talked well into the night.  Mostly about old memories and then a lot about what I had done the past few years.  When I started pressing her about what she had been doing all that time, she pushed me off to bed and said we'd talk tomorrow."

It wasn't until Friday night that Catherine dropped the bombshell on her sister.

"Justine.  I'm an abductee."

Justine wasn't interested in UFOs and she didn't know what her sister was talking about when she made the statement.  It was a long conversation before she understood that Catherine was claiming to have been abducted, multiple times, by aliens.

"Outside of seeing a few movies, I've never paid any attention to all of the alien stuff.  It took quite a while before I got that my sister was serious and that she really believed that she had been abducted by creatures in UFOs.
Catherine had moved to Colorado to get away and focus on herself and her experiences.  She told me that the abductions had been going on for many years and that when memories started coming back, she felt a need to withdraw and try to understand it all.
We talked about her experiences for most of the rest of the weekend and I asked a lot of questions.  Before I left, she gave me a few books to read. Two books by Stan Romanek, Messages and Answers, and a couple by Whitley Strieber, apparently, the most famous abductee.
Honestly, I still wasn't sure what to make of the whole thing when I left but I promised her that I would read through the books and that I would visit again in the summer."

Justine headed home, driving south through Colorado.  It was mid afternoon when she pulled into a gas station just off the interstate.

"I stopped at a gas station to fill up the tank.  I'll admit, my mind was a million miles away at the time.  With everything that my sister had dropped on me my thoughts were just racing.  I was sort of on auto-pilot when I pulled up to the pump and got out of the car.  I ran my credit card, put the nozzle in and started pumping gas. 
All of a sudden, I realized there was a young girl standing there.  She was near the front of my car on the little island where the pumps sit.  Even though I was distracted, I don't know how I missed seeing her when I pulled up.  She was wearing a cream colored dress that looked rather old to me.  I thought, well, it's Sunday, maybe she's been to church.  I don't even know why I was thinking about it.  She was standing there staring at me and I looked right at her.  She had the most startling blue eyes that I have ever seen.  I think her pupils must have been really large and it made her eyes look oversized.  I couldn't even see any whites in her eyes from where I was, just that bright blue.  She looked fairly normal otherwise.  Her hair was very pale blonde and her skin was extremely white as if she never got any sun.  I said hello to her but instead of saying hi back she said:

"We're halfway there". 

I wondered what in the world she meant by that.  I said to her, "I don't understand".  I looked around, expecting to see a car on the other side of the island because her parents had to be around.  There was no one there.  The little girl was still looking at me and she said "Your sister Catherine will understand, it's for all of us".  It gave me a chill.
I let go of the gas nozzle and started to walk towards her.  She didn't move, but I only took a couple of steps before I felt like I shouldn't go any closer.  All of a sudden, I was kind of afraid.  I stepped back, put the nozzle back in the pump and opened my car door.  The little girl, still watching me, said again, "We're halfway there". 
Just at that moment, a pickup truck pulled up at the pumps to my right.  I looked over and saw an older man get out of his truck.  I called out, "Excuse me" and he turned towards me saying "Yeah?".  I glanced towards the little girl.  I just wanted this man to see her and see if she would say something to him.  She was gone.  I looked around and she was nowhere in sight.  I turned back towards the man with my mouth hanging open.  He was just looking at me.  I knew he hadn't see the girl.  I muttered that I was sorry, jumped in my car and drove away."

Justine was very shaken by her encounter at the gas station.  Once she calmed down some, she called her sister and told her about the little girl who had mentioned her by name.

"You've seen a hybrid" Catherine told her.

Justine had been introduced to the concept of alien-human hybrids during the weekend with her sister.  It wasn't something they had discussed in depth because Justine was trying to accept the simple idea that her sister had been abducted.  The possibility of alien children was a far stretch for someone new to the concepts she had been confronted with.

"Maybe it was a hybrid, I don't know.  I don't think that girl could have vanished like that but I don't think I was imagining things either.  I do believe she was real and what she said has stuck in my mind.  What did she mean when she said half way there?  Halfway to what?  From the way the girl stated it, It wasn't just about Catherine and I, but about people in general.  My sister and I have discussed it many times but we don't have an answer yet."

Justine is certainly not the first person to encounter what they believe to be an alien hybrid.  It's interesting to hear accounts from those who are new to the world of UFOs.  There's no preconceived idea or agenda to promote.  Just a strange encounter to relate and attempt to understand.

The child's statement is especially curious and doesn't seem to have any personal meaning for the sisters at this time.  So, what is its deeper meaning?  What exactly are we halfway to? 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rendlesham Revelations

Sometimes in life, you have the fortune of being in the right place, at the right time, to experience something unique.  I had this fortune recently when I went to hear an old friend, Peter Robbins, give a lecture at a Mufon meeting in Arizona.

I've know Peter a long time and I regard him as one of the nicest people in UFOlogy.  A true gentleman who genuinely tries to get along with everyone.  Not an easy task in a field with many argumentative personalities. 

For those who don't know him, Peter Robbins worked closely with Bud Hopkins for many years.  He is also the author of "Left at East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-up, and Investigation".

The Rendlesham Forest incident took place in December, 1980, over the course of three nights.  It involved US military personal who were stationed in Suffolk, England.  At the time, Britain, was allowing the United States to utilize two former RAF bases in the area.  RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters.  Peter's co-author on the book, Larry Warren, was an Air Force security officer stationed in England at the time.  His first hand testimony of the events are a vital part of the book.

The Rendlesham Forest incident is one of the most significant UFO related incidents on record.  It's often referred to as "Britain's Roswell".  The incident involved the sighting of strange lights in the sky as well as the landing of a craft in the Rendlesham forest and a strange encounter experienced by military personnel.

Rather than try to recount this complex case here, I highly suggest that you read Robbins and Warren's excellent book on the subject.  If you have any interest at all in the subject of UFOs, it's a must have.

Peter Robbins is a frequent speaker at UFO related conferences.  He's eloquent and composed with a clear knowledge of the subject matter.  I've heard Peter numerous times over the years and when I found out he was headed to Arizona, courtesy of Mufon groups in Sedona and Phoenix, I thought I'd run down to see him and catch up a bit.  I frankly expected to hear Peter's standard lecture on the Rendlesham incident.  I wanted to support an old friend, and I really don't mind hearing lectures repeated as there are often new tidbits to be gleaned.  What I got however, was something far, far more.

For the first time since I've known him, there was a slight nervousness about Peter when he began his lecture that night.  Obviously, he was struggling with the weight of what he needed to say.  He danced around a bit, stating that he had intended to give this lecture at a previous engagement but changed his mind at the last minute.  He clearly resolved himself after a few moments, deciding that this was the right time and place to speak out.  Once he started there was no stopping him.
In fact, Peter Robbins spoke for four hours that night.  Those with the fortune to be there were blessed with insights that have never been revealed about Rendlesham and Peter's experience investigating this incredible incident.

I'm sad to say that a portion of the audience left during the course of the talk.  Likely too busy with other things in life or perhaps to unaware to realize what a special moment was taking place.

I applaud Peter Robbins for having the courage to step forward with the things he revealed and I found myself gaining a whole new level of respect for this man.
It's not my place to recount to you what Peter chose to say that night.  If that's a let down, then I do
apologize.  Honestly, I couldn't do it justice if I tried to convey it all to you.  You simply need to hear it from Peter himself.

I hope this post serves as notice to you all that we've only scratched the surface of the amazing events in Rendlesham forest and that it's clear there's much more to come.

Thank you Peter for having the guts to move this case forward once again and for demonstrating the kind of dignity that everyone in this field should aspire to.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Do You Believe

Here's a link for the video interview I did on "Do You Believe" with hosts Norene and Donna discussing the Black Eyed Children:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wake Up Now! Conference

I'll be speaking at the Wake Up Now! Conference II in Albuquerque, NM in just a few short weeks.  The conference is a charitable event to help fund "The School of Now" a project of A Child's Miracle Mind, Inc.

Other speakers include Bill Murphy, Nick Redfern and Lyn Buchanan.  Join us for this worthy cause  August 10-12.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BEKs on
This is a haunting tale of The Black Eyed Children who are being seen by many across the globe. Strange pale black eyed children wanting to come into your home.

Monday, July 9, 2012

UFO Sorority Sisters

A short time ago, I wrote a post about the so called "Wendy Krissy" (see full post below) and her Facebook profile, clearly designed to attract men interested in the topic of UFOs.
Both myself and a number of other researchers in the field had noticed Wendy and the odd nature of her profile.  Links on her page lead to an endless array of pointless links and a page that encourages everyone to add their own sites.  "One Million UFO Researchers" seems quite anxious to get everyone signed up, but why?  Why the information gathering and if it's harmless, why the false profile?  The so called Wendy Krissy's pics came from a modeling agency but that's not indicated on Facebook, we're lead to believe we're actually becoming friends with the attractive blonde in the photos.  But it seems that Miss Krissy may be part of a whole sorority of stunning women interested in UFOs.

Case in point, Lisa Young.  Although her profile is on the virtual wasteland that is Google+, her page has still gotten comments related to her stunning eyes.  Lisa added me to her circle on Google+ and when I looked at her profile, I was greeted by the familiar logo of One Million UFO Researchers.  In case you're interested, Lisa lives in "AlienUFO" and works at "AlienUFO study".

Lisa's not alone on Google though, seems another one of the sorority sisters is there too, pushing the same agenda.  This one is Karen Veronica.

Like Lisa's profile, the page is full of links encouraging us to enter the UFO chat
and join the one million.

There's no doubt that this is all from the same source and likely these pics on Google+ are again photos of models from overseas, though we don't get any bikini shots this time.  As before, the question must be asked, Why?  Who's gathering information and for what purpose?  Is this all just part and parcel of the sometimes strange behavior in the UFO field or is there something we should be concerned about?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Mystery of Wendy Krissy

Over the past couple of weeks, a number of people have brought to my attention the mysterious Wendy Krissy.  As I was contemplating writing a piece on "Wendy" I got into a discussion with Mike Clelland about the topic.  Turns out Mike had just written a piece on Wendy for his excellent blog, Hidden Experience.

If you're interested in UFOs, you may know Wendy, at least via Facebook.  Wendy's friend list numbers over a 1000 and reads like a who's who of the UFO community.  But who is she?  Know one really seems to know.  Wendy's Facebook page carries you to a website that encourages you to add your own links.  There's no information about the site owner and no contact information of course.  The site, called, "One Million UFO Researchers Project" is an endless listing of other sites will little to no information.

Wendy's Facebook page, called "Wendy Krissy Aliens UFOs" contains a number of generic space photos as well as a couple of profile pictures of Wendy herself.  Wendy's profile pics (below) look like they came from a lingerie catalog.  All the years I've attended UFO gatherings, I've never seen this girl show up at one.  I can hear a few of my friends laughing and thinking the same thing right now.  These pics are clearly not the real Wendy but reading through some of the comments left on her page, they've fooled plenty of people.  Maybe that was the goal.

The profile photo of Wendy wasn't hard to track down.  Has Mike Clelland revealed on his blog, "Wendy" is actually a model from the Czech Republic who goes by the name "Janette U"  Curiously, whoever decided to use this model's picture altered the eye color before posting it on Facebook.

The big question here is why?  If someone has a genuine interest in the subject of UFOs, why go to such trouble to create a false identity?  Why create one at all?  Not only is Wendy a fake id, but a very poor one, obviously designed to appeal to young men.  Is it really a ruse or some ridiculous joke?  Perhaps Penn & Teller have run out of people to harass or, maybe it's all a system to collect emails and contact information for those interested in the subject of UFOs.

In our modern times of mass, online communication, it's important to remember that not everyone professing an interest in strange topics should be quickly accepted as a "friend".  Maybe "Wendy Krissy" whoever she/he is, is completely innocent.  Either way, it's a curious thing and should call us all to be a bit more aware.  What's lurking behind the keyboard may look very different than what we see on the screen and may not have our best interest at heart.

Mike Clelland's blog can be found here:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sacramento Paranormal Summit A Huge Success

Last weekend was the first annual Sacramento Paranormal Summit.  The event, to say the least, was a huge success.

Attendees traveled from around the country and several from points abroad to attend the unique gathering. 

Produced by Strange Lights Publishing and Author Anthony Sanchez, the event brought together an A List of speakers from the paranormal field.

The conference was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Sacramento.  The hotel staff was courteous and the venue offered both dining and a bar for late socializing.  (Plus a Starbucks across the street for those of us who needed our coffee fix)

Star Power included Bill Murphy, lead scientist of SYFY's Fact or Faked the Paranormal Files.  Murphy and his lovely wife Anita, answered questions and greeted fans the entire weekend.  Also from the SYFY network was Paul Bradford, star of Ghost Hunter's International.

Authors Scotty Roberts and Micah Hanks, owners of Intrepid Magazine were both on hand and presented compelling lectures.  In fact, the list of outstanding speakers seemed to go on and on.  Jay Weidner, Lyle Blackburn, Kerry Cassidy, even UFO veterans Ed Grimsley and Norio Hayakawa were in attendance.

The entire event was emceed with style by Mel Fabregas, host of the outstanding show, Veritas Radio.

Paranormal investigator and radio host, Jeffery Gonzales of Sanger Paranormal was broadcasting live from the event and it was a pleasure to set in his studio.  You can check interviews from the event here:

There was an active vendor room, Panel discussions, Saturday banquet, Charity auction and movies also packed into the full weekend.

Countless people commented that they were already planning on coming to next year's event which promises to be even bigger! 

If you missed this event, you missed one of the best conferences of the year, but don't worry, I understand a DVD is in the works.

It's hard to believe the conference is over, but there's still a lot of buzz about it on the internet.
Great job Anthony, I was honored to be a part of this event and look forward to returning to Sacramento.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Top 10 Cryptids

I just taped a special episode of "Encounters" with hosts Mack Maloney and the always charming Chase Kloetzke.

On this show, my friend Lyle Blackburn and I helped with a rundown of Encounter's top ten cryptids.

Lyle's a great guy and the author of the best cryptid book out this year, The Beast of Boggy Creek.

Tune in June 20th for Encounters:

“Encounters” with Chase Kloetzke, Richard Dolan, Mack Maloney, Peter Robbins, and Nick Redfern presents the second installment of a new series of in-depth analysis of strange animal cases categorized in the field of Cryptozoology on Wednesday June 20th, 2012 at 7pm EDT & 11pm EDT (rebroadcast). This third episode covers the Top Ten Cryptid Cases including; The Jersey Devil, Mothman, Big Foot, and more. Chase and Mack take center stage in the middle of the jungle for this third episode where they dissect these unclassified biological specimens and count down their favorite Top Ten. This exposé also features a special call-in guests, rock-star ‘Monster-Whisperer’ Lyle Blackburn and ‘Black-Eyed Kids’ expert David Weatherly.