Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Mystery of Wendy Krissy

Over the past couple of weeks, a number of people have brought to my attention the mysterious Wendy Krissy.  As I was contemplating writing a piece on "Wendy" I got into a discussion with Mike Clelland about the topic.  Turns out Mike had just written a piece on Wendy for his excellent blog, Hidden Experience.

If you're interested in UFOs, you may know Wendy, at least via Facebook.  Wendy's friend list numbers over a 1000 and reads like a who's who of the UFO community.  But who is she?  Know one really seems to know.  Wendy's Facebook page carries you to a website that encourages you to add your own links.  There's no information about the site owner and no contact information of course.  The site, called, "One Million UFO Researchers Project" is an endless listing of other sites will little to no information.

Wendy's Facebook page, called "Wendy Krissy Aliens UFOs" contains a number of generic space photos as well as a couple of profile pictures of Wendy herself.  Wendy's profile pics (below) look like they came from a lingerie catalog.  All the years I've attended UFO gatherings, I've never seen this girl show up at one.  I can hear a few of my friends laughing and thinking the same thing right now.  These pics are clearly not the real Wendy but reading through some of the comments left on her page, they've fooled plenty of people.  Maybe that was the goal.

The profile photo of Wendy wasn't hard to track down.  Has Mike Clelland revealed on his blog, "Wendy" is actually a model from the Czech Republic who goes by the name "Janette U"  Curiously, whoever decided to use this model's picture altered the eye color before posting it on Facebook.

The big question here is why?  If someone has a genuine interest in the subject of UFOs, why go to such trouble to create a false identity?  Why create one at all?  Not only is Wendy a fake id, but a very poor one, obviously designed to appeal to young men.  Is it really a ruse or some ridiculous joke?  Perhaps Penn & Teller have run out of people to harass or, maybe it's all a system to collect emails and contact information for those interested in the subject of UFOs.

In our modern times of mass, online communication, it's important to remember that not everyone professing an interest in strange topics should be quickly accepted as a "friend".  Maybe "Wendy Krissy" whoever she/he is, is completely innocent.  Either way, it's a curious thing and should call us all to be a bit more aware.  What's lurking behind the keyboard may look very different than what we see on the screen and may not have our best interest at heart.

Mike Clelland's blog can be found here:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sacramento Paranormal Summit A Huge Success

Last weekend was the first annual Sacramento Paranormal Summit.  The event, to say the least, was a huge success.

Attendees traveled from around the country and several from points abroad to attend the unique gathering. 

Produced by Strange Lights Publishing and Author Anthony Sanchez, the event brought together an A List of speakers from the paranormal field.

The conference was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Sacramento.  The hotel staff was courteous and the venue offered both dining and a bar for late socializing.  (Plus a Starbucks across the street for those of us who needed our coffee fix)

Star Power included Bill Murphy, lead scientist of SYFY's Fact or Faked the Paranormal Files.  Murphy and his lovely wife Anita, answered questions and greeted fans the entire weekend.  Also from the SYFY network was Paul Bradford, star of Ghost Hunter's International.

Authors Scotty Roberts and Micah Hanks, owners of Intrepid Magazine were both on hand and presented compelling lectures.  In fact, the list of outstanding speakers seemed to go on and on.  Jay Weidner, Lyle Blackburn, Kerry Cassidy, even UFO veterans Ed Grimsley and Norio Hayakawa were in attendance.

The entire event was emceed with style by Mel Fabregas, host of the outstanding show, Veritas Radio.

Paranormal investigator and radio host, Jeffery Gonzales of Sanger Paranormal was broadcasting live from the event and it was a pleasure to set in his studio.  You can check interviews from the event here:

There was an active vendor room, Panel discussions, Saturday banquet, Charity auction and movies also packed into the full weekend.

Countless people commented that they were already planning on coming to next year's event which promises to be even bigger! 

If you missed this event, you missed one of the best conferences of the year, but don't worry, I understand a DVD is in the works.

It's hard to believe the conference is over, but there's still a lot of buzz about it on the internet.
Great job Anthony, I was honored to be a part of this event and look forward to returning to Sacramento.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Top 10 Cryptids

I just taped a special episode of "Encounters" with hosts Mack Maloney and the always charming Chase Kloetzke.

On this show, my friend Lyle Blackburn and I helped with a rundown of Encounter's top ten cryptids.

Lyle's a great guy and the author of the best cryptid book out this year, The Beast of Boggy Creek.

Tune in June 20th for Encounters:

“Encounters” with Chase Kloetzke, Richard Dolan, Mack Maloney, Peter Robbins, and Nick Redfern presents the second installment of a new series of in-depth analysis of strange animal cases categorized in the field of Cryptozoology on Wednesday June 20th, 2012 at 7pm EDT & 11pm EDT (rebroadcast). This third episode covers the Top Ten Cryptid Cases including; The Jersey Devil, Mothman, Big Foot, and more. Chase and Mack take center stage in the middle of the jungle for this third episode where they dissect these unclassified biological specimens and count down their favorite Top Ten. This exposé also features a special call-in guests, rock-star ‘Monster-Whisperer’ Lyle Blackburn and ‘Black-Eyed Kids’ expert David Weatherly.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The BEK & the Pitbull

Since my recent appearance on Dreamland with Whitley Strieber, I've received a flood of emails from people who have had encounters with Black Eyed Children.

Remarkably, the account below is the first full encounter that I have received that includes the victim's dog. 

I've now spoken to this gentleman a number of times and his encounter is quite interesting.

Chuck lives west of the Dallas, Texas area.  He encountered a black eyed boy in his front yard after returning from the supermarket.  The incident occurred in early April, 2012.

"I had run up to the store to get a few things that my wife asked for.  I was only gone about a half an hour.  I pulled my truck up into the driveway, got the two bags and headed for the front door.  There wasn't anyone around I'd swear.  We have a small set of steps that go up to the front door.  I had the two bags in one hand and I opened the front door with the other.  We're pretty far out from the city and sometimes don't lock the doors if we're just running an errand.  Just as I pushed the door open, I heard somebody speak to my right.  It scared the hell out of me and I jerked my hand back from the door, just leaving it open.

There was this boy standing there, he wasn't up on the steps, he was beside them in the yard.  I swear he must have come out of nowhere.  He was wearing one of those hoodies with the hood pulled up.  It was grey and he was wearing some jeans.  The weird thing was what he said, he asked me:

"Is it food time?"

I mean, who asks a question like that?  I didn't even know what to say, I just stood there trying to figure out who this kid was, I'd never seen him before and I knew all the folks around us.  Then he spoke again:

"It's food time, you should invite me in."

I thought he was looking at the plastic bags I had and maybe saw the ribs I had in there, but it was such a strange question.
I was thinking, this kid's not coming in my house.  Just then I heard my dog barking.  I could hear him running through the house, towards the front door.

My dog is a three year old pit bull that I raised from a pup.  He's well trained and he's never once not listened to my commands.  He's a great guard dog and he won't back down from anything or anyone.  I've seen this dog kill a rattlesnake before.

I watched my dog turn the corner into the living room at a run.  We've got wooden floors and it was like all of a sudden, the dog tried to put his brakes on.  He slid across the floor to the door and almost fell over himself getting turned around.  He went from full attack mode to scared to death mode in a matter of seconds.  He tucked his tail, put his head low and ran away whining.
I'd never seen this dog whine like that in my life, and I'd never seen him act scared of anything.  Seeing him act like that scared the hell out of me. 

I looked back at that kid and he was looking up at me with a little smile.  That's when I saw his eyes, they were solid black, no whites in that kid's eyes.  Something about this creepy looking kid had scared my dog and now I was feeling scared myself.

I got in the door as quick as I could and slammed it shut behind me.  I went to the kitchen and put the bags down.  I realized that I was shaking.  I don't know what it was about that kid but it really shook me up.  I went back to the front room and looked through the small slits of the blinds.  I didn't see the kid anywhere.  I opened the blinds a little more and could see the yard, there was no sign of him.  I finally went back to the front door and had a look around the house but there was no sign of the boy with black eyes. 

When I went back in the house, my wife wanted to know what was wrong with the dog because he was hiding under the bed.  I tried for some time to get him out but all he would do was whine.  I finally had to drag him out but he went right back under there.
The next several days and nights, that dog stayed mostly under the bed.  He'd go outside when he needed too, but only through the back door."

Chuck reports that it took a few weeks for his dog's behavior to return to normal.  He has no explanation as to why he and his dog sensed such fear from just seeing, or sensing, a teenage boy.

Chuck estimates that the boy was about 14 years old.  He soon asked his neighbors if they'd noticed any strangers in the area but no one had.

As interesting as this encounter is, we are of course left with many questions. 

It's well known that dogs have a different level of sensitivity than humans.  A canine can sense fear from humans and it can induce the animals them to press harder or attack.  This dog's reaction was very different however. 

Clearly, it sensed something that scared it so much that it retreated as quickly as possible.
As a follow up, I intend to get some specific details as to how close the dog was when he reacted.  It will be interesting to see how large the energetic "field" of this BEK was.

I'm reminded of the many Black Eyed Child encounters that leave people with the feeling that they have been in the presence of a predator.  This dog believed that it was faced with something bigger and badder than himself and he reacted accordingly.

Hopefully, further accounts with animals present will come to light to help us better understand this unique aspect of BEK encounters.