Saturday, April 21, 2012

Black Eyed Omen

Since the publication of my book, I continue to receive reports of black eyed children from around the world.  The account below is another one that indicates that these strange kids may be some type of omen of death or misfortune.  Marcia from Ohio sent me this account of her encounter with a pair of black eyed boys in Virginia.  It happened in the summer of 2011.

My mother took very ill and had to go the the hospital.  She was having heart problems to top it off so they ended up keeping her at the hospital.  Since my mom lived alone, my sister and I went to stay at her house in Virginia.  It kept us close by and we could go to visit her during visiting hours.  We could also watch her two cats and keep the house for her.  My father had passed away two years before and since that time, my mom had really kept to herself.  Her house was in a very quiet, safe neighborhood and she knew everyone around her.

On a Monday evening, we got back from the hospital, went into the house and decided to fix something to eat.  I don't think either one of us was really hungry, we just wanted something to keep busy.  The doctors had told us that our mom wasn't doing very well and that they weren't sure what else to do for her.  I was in the kitchen with my sister and we were talking when both of us looked up at each other.  We both thought we had heard something.  I asked my sister if she'd heard knocking and she said yes, that she had heard it too.  We both walked into the living room and just then, we heard it again, someone was knocking on the front door.  I wonder if the doorbell's broken I said out loud.  We'd had several visitors, people were always stopping by who knew my mom, checking in to see if they could do anything and to see if she was better.

I opened the door, just thinking it was another neighbor but it wasn't.  There were two kids standing at the door.  They were about ten years old.  I have kids myself that are the same age so I was pretty sure of that.  The boy on the right was looking at the ground, but the boy on the left looked straight at my sister and I as soon as the door opened.  His eyes were solid black.  They were so black that they were shiny.  I didn't know what to say, I'd never seen anyone without any whites in their eyes.

Soon as the door opened, that boy said "You're going to invite us in."

I slammed the door without even thinking about it.  I was afraid they were some kind of gang members or something.  Right after the door slammed, we heard a noise from right outside that I can only describe as a cat in pain.  It was much louder than a cat would be though.

We ran to the kitchen and I phoned the next door neighbor who was a retired policeman.  It only took him a minute to get to our house.  He searched all over but couldn't find any sign of the two boys.

A short time later, we received a call from the hospital.  Our mom had passed away.

I don't know what the boys were but it scares me that they showed up at the time when my mom passed away.  Those boys terrified me and even thinking about it now, almost a year later, it still frightens me.

The strange cat like sound is unusual but not unheard of.  In my book, The Black Eyed Children, there's a case documented from the 1950s of a black eyed boy who "screeched like a bobcat".

Are these kids omens of darkness?  Only time and further research will help us understand more about these weird beings.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Black Eyed Kid in Florida

Since my new book, "The Black Eyed Children" came out last month, I've received a lot of emails from people who have had encounters with these strange kids.  While a lot of the accounts are fairly standard, some are more unusual.  Such is the case with Sandra's account.  While working in Florida, Sandra was taken by surprise by a black eyed boy, but he didn't show up at her front door:

This happened to me just over a year ago.
I was living in an apartment in the Miami, Florida area.  I was doing a short term project for a company in the city and they had rented me an executive apartment close to their corporate offices.  It was a nice place, on the third floor as I had requested.  The complex was secured and gated and they had their own security.  The apartment was one bedroom, fully furnished and had a nice balcony off the living room.  After several months, I had settled in and felt very secure.
I was working long hours, trying to wrap up the project I had been hired for.  As a result, I would often come home in the late afternoon, grab a bite to eat and a couple of hours of sleep.  After resting, I would put in a few hours doing computer work at my apartment.
I'll never forget what happened to me one Thursday afternoon.  I had gone back to my apartment and was too tired to even make something to eat.  I laid down on the couch and after a few minutes, I was out to the world.  I believe I slept for about two hours when something woke me up.  I had a strange feeling when I woke and I thought that I'd heard a noise in my apartment.  I just laid there on the couch, until I woke up the rest of the way.  I had my eyes open and I was looking around.  I could see the clock on the wall and it was just after five.  It was summer and there was still plenty of light outside and coming through the windows.  After a moment, I realized what had caused me to wake up.  Someone was knocking on the door.  I kept laying there though because the knock didn't sound quite right.  I sat up on the couch, fully awake and listened to the knocking.  I suddenly realized that the knocking was coming from behind me.  My front door was across the room in front of me.  The only thing behind me was the set of glass doors that led out to the balcony.  I sat there frozen, still looking at the front door.  I realized that the knock sounded funny because someone was knocking on the glass. 
I  suddenly felt really afraid and turned to look at the doors.  Standing at my balcony door was a boy.  He was about twelve or thirteen years old.  His face seemed pale and his eyes were solid black.  He was knocking on the glass and staring at me.  It scared the hell out of me.  I ran to the bedroom and called building security. 
It only took a couple of minutes for the security guy to knock on the front door and announce himself.  I didn't even look towards the glass doors again until I let the security officer in.  He told me that he'd looked around outside and didn't see anyone around.  I told him again what had happened, leaving out the part about the black eyes.  He went out on the balcony and looked around.  He seemed like he didn't believe me because he said no one could get down that fast and he had been on the ground level, right outside when I called.  He assured me that everything was fine and that he'd look around again.
I've never been able to get the image of that kid out of my head.  Those black eyes were so disturbing.  Did he climb up to my third story balcony?  Was he going to break in?  How did he get down so quickly without the security guards seeing him?  These questions and others have bothered me since that day.  I didn't spend much time in that apartment after the incident and I never saw the kid again.  A few months ago, my sister told be about what are called the "black eyed kids" and I believe that's what I saw.

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