Friday, May 18, 2012

ScareFest 2012!

Big news, I'll be appearing at this year's Scarefest, the nation's largest Paranormal/Horror convention.  Come out and see me along with Lyle Blackburn, Josh Gates, Paul Bradford, John Tenney and a host of other paranormal stars.


Friday, May 4, 2012

BEKs & Electronic Interference

A curious new question has arisen in relation to the black eyed children.  Do they interfere with electronic equipment?

Since the release of my book, I've made a number of appearances on radio and podcasts to discuss the topic of the BEKs.  On more than one occasion, there have been electronic issues with the program either before or during the show.
This could be mere coincidence but there's another factor.  Some people who are just reading the book are having strange incidents.

The first email came from a reader named Jane.  She writes:
"Every time I start reading your book, The Black Eyed Children, electronics in my house go wonky.  The first night the smoke alarm went off even though there was no smoke.  The second evening the timer on my stove went crazy.  I never set it and never use it so that was weird.  Then another time my garage door opened itself!  That one really freaked me out!  Are other people having such weird things happen or is this some strange coincidence?  I'm interested in the topic but I honestly don't want any black eyed kids showing up at my door!"

Indeed, Jane is not alone in her experience.  About a dozen readers have reported similar incidents and have sent me questions or comments similar to the above.  It's a small number by comparison, but still notable.

Psychic Kimberly Rackley had a similar experience:
"Since I ordered your book I have been having issues with computer, Internet and modem. Last night while listening to GDC..the show suddenly stopped. No tech difficulties could be found to solve..they are blaming server, the host was baffled at the problem and guess what? Your book was sitting right next to my computer of which I read most of the day and had notes of my impressions laying on top of book."

There have been numerous incidents of security cameras experiencing failure or odd glitches during BEK encounters but this goes beyond that.  None of these readers have reported personal encounters with the Black Eyed Children, so what exactly is going on?

These occurrences harken back to classic encounters with the Men In Black, known to harass people who have sighted or encountered UFOs.  Men In Black encounters are sometimes followed by weird electronic noises, static and odd noises on phone lines.  Some people believe that the Men In Black are behind the sudden electronic interference. 
Is there a relation between the Black Eyed Children and the Men In Black?  Perhaps they're both operating on a frequency that we're not aware of.  But to what purpose?
I'll continue to track this strange aspect and it's possible connection to the kids.

The most recent incident occurred while I was taping an episode of Dreamland with host Whitley Strieber.  Twice we experienced a sudden disconnect on the phone line.  This could easily be dismissed but the issues didn't end there.  Strange things happened with the volume levels as Whitley was recording the interview.  All the more compelling since we discussed Men In Black and Whitley's own encounter with a Black Eyed Child.

The episode airs on Dreamland the first weekend of May.  I also encourage you to join Unknown Country and experience bonus material for each episode of Dreamland, as well as show archives, it's a great bargain.

Dreamland and Unknown Country can be found here: