Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pale Octopus Discovered

A new species of Octopus has been discovered in the waters off Antarctica. British scientists made the discovery using a remote operated vehicle called “Isis” to scout the sea bed.

A number of other species were also discovered in the region including colonies of snails and a hairy-chested yeti crab.

The creatures were discovered living near a hydrothermal vent in the southern ocean. The black, smoky waters reach temperatures of almost 752F. The scalding waters are created by hydrothermal vents powered by underwater volcanoes.

The deep sea octopus is pale white, almost translucent. It moves using its back four tentacles to shuffle on the sea floor while the front four tentacles constantly feel in front of it. The animal seems to rely on touch since it lives in constant darkness a mile and a half down in the ocean.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Oily Man" Terrorizes Malaysia

Christmas weekend in the Kampung district.  It's well after midnight and around 200 people are patrolling the streets.  Many are armed with machetes, axes and sticks.  They are determined to defend the neighborhood's young women from the "Orang Minyak" or "Oily Man".

Legend says that the Orang Minyak is a human who is pursuing a path of black magic.  As part of his rite of passage, he is required to rape a number of virgins.  Once he has fully mastered his magical abilities, the Orang Minyak is purported to be able to vanish into thin air and walk through walls.

Their study of the dark arts has already carried them beyond the abilities of mere humans however.  The Orang Minyak are reported to leap great distances and escape from traps with ease.

Sightings of this strange creature have cropped up in Malaysia over the last several decades.  They are clad only in underwear and their bodies are drenched in black, shiny oil. 

This supernatural being usually attacks between midnight and four a.m.  All of the area's resident's are concerned about this series of attacks which began just before Christmas.

Residents on patrol found a spot where they believe the Orang Minyak stopped to bathe in oil and recite mantras.  On the ground was a large patch of oil.  The following night they found fried rice and noodles at the same location, but returning an hour later, the food was gone.  Eaten by the Orang Minyak before his nightly endeavors they believe.

Residents not out on patrol sleep clustered together for safety.  All of the residents sleep with their lights on. 

Numerous citizens claim to have witnessed the strange being.  One man saw it after midnight on the house across from his:
"It was crawling up the stairs of the house, just like Spiderman.  When it reached the top it suddenly jumped onto the roof.  I don't think a human could do that.  It then just disappeared.  The hair on my hands just stood up.  We can laugh and joke about it but this is serious.  All the families here have young girls."

While some may believe stories of the Orang Minyak are simply tales of the imagination, for one small village in Malaysia, the threat of the Oily Man is very real.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hawaiian UFO Encased In Orange Orb

Two witnesses driving on a mountain road in Hawaii witnessed a series of seven spinning disks encased inside orange orbs silently crossing the sky on New Year's Eve.

The witnesses pulled over and exited their car to get a closer look at the objects. They saw a "disk-shaped craft with a classic bubble top, spinning and gyrating in a rocking motion, synchronous with the tilt of rain like beams at one half second intervals."

There were also "light spikes" on the sides and top that gave the orb like shape a triangle overlay.

The two witnesses watched as seven separate objects with this appearance moved overhead, about ten seconds apart.

The events occurred on December 31, 2011 and a report was filed with MUFON on the 3rd. of January.

A drawing by the reporting witness can be seen here:

For the MUFON report see: