Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Mystery of Wendy Krissy

Over the past couple of weeks, a number of people have brought to my attention the mysterious Wendy Krissy.  As I was contemplating writing a piece on "Wendy" I got into a discussion with Mike Clelland about the topic.  Turns out Mike had just written a piece on Wendy for his excellent blog, Hidden Experience.

If you're interested in UFOs, you may know Wendy, at least via Facebook.  Wendy's friend list numbers over a 1000 and reads like a who's who of the UFO community.  But who is she?  Know one really seems to know.  Wendy's Facebook page carries you to a website that encourages you to add your own links.  There's no information about the site owner and no contact information of course.  The site, called, "One Million UFO Researchers Project" is an endless listing of other sites will little to no information.

Wendy's Facebook page, called "Wendy Krissy Aliens UFOs" contains a number of generic space photos as well as a couple of profile pictures of Wendy herself.  Wendy's profile pics (below) look like they came from a lingerie catalog.  All the years I've attended UFO gatherings, I've never seen this girl show up at one.  I can hear a few of my friends laughing and thinking the same thing right now.  These pics are clearly not the real Wendy but reading through some of the comments left on her page, they've fooled plenty of people.  Maybe that was the goal.

The profile photo of Wendy wasn't hard to track down.  Has Mike Clelland revealed on his blog, "Wendy" is actually a model from the Czech Republic who goes by the name "Janette U"  Curiously, whoever decided to use this model's picture altered the eye color before posting it on Facebook.

The big question here is why?  If someone has a genuine interest in the subject of UFOs, why go to such trouble to create a false identity?  Why create one at all?  Not only is Wendy a fake id, but a very poor one, obviously designed to appeal to young men.  Is it really a ruse or some ridiculous joke?  Perhaps Penn & Teller have run out of people to harass or, maybe it's all a system to collect emails and contact information for those interested in the subject of UFOs.

In our modern times of mass, online communication, it's important to remember that not everyone professing an interest in strange topics should be quickly accepted as a "friend".  Maybe "Wendy Krissy" whoever she/he is, is completely innocent.  Either way, it's a curious thing and should call us all to be a bit more aware.  What's lurking behind the keyboard may look very different than what we see on the screen and may not have our best interest at heart.

Mike Clelland's blog can be found here:

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