Sunday, February 26, 2017

Nexus Newsfeed App

Nexus Magazine first appeared in Australia in 1987 has a quarterly publication. By the 1990s, it was taken over by different publishers and became a full fledged, bi-monthly magazine. Circulation grew quickly since Nexus covered cutting edge, alternative information that many other magazines avoided.

I remember discovering the magazine myself back in the 90's when it was available at newsstands as an import. I still have tons of back issues. From ancient mysteries, to alternative health, science, UFOs and much, much more, Nexus covers the spectrum for those interested in alternative thought.

As conspiracy writer Jim Marrs states:

"Nexus Magazine should be on every thinking person's desk. It fills that news gap between fact and fancy, covering topics unfamiliar to most people."

Nexus has recently relaunched with a new look and can be found on newsstands and in mainstream bookstores. But that's not all, keeping up with the changing, digital world, the magazine is also available in electronic format, and, best of all, they've created an app that allows people to keep up with news on a daily basis.

The app has come in sort of "under the radar" so to speak. Although it's been available for over a year, there are still a lot of people in the field who seem unaware of it. I downloaded it myself some time back and have been using it on a regular basis. Being on the road a lot, these types of apps are great tools.

The app opens to the main news feed. This gives you all the latest postings and it's updated on a daily basis. You'll get a mix of everything this way from health to the unexplained to politics and everything in between. If you want to filter the feed and see the latest from a particular category, there's a drop down menu that will let you pick your topics. The designers have done an excellent job as there are just the right amount of categories to easily get to the type of news you want.

The format is easy on the eyes too. There's a graphic on the left side and the headline is on the right along with the date and category that the story falls under. Clicking in to the headline will give you the full story, along with a link to the original source. It's a great way to discover sites you might not be aware of.

My only disappointment in the app comes from the feed for "events." This is listed in the drop down menu and, as the tag implies, gives you a list of events worldwide. At least, that's the idea.

And it's a great one, especially for those who travel and want to network, or, those who want to plan travel specifically around conferences and workshops. Unfortunately, it seems to get the least amount of attention from those responsible for the feed. Checking the list today, there are only about a half dozen events listed. On any given weekend, there are tons of conferences, workshops, seminars and more around the world. To be fair, I've no doubt that it would be a full time job keeping up with all the various events. However, even a cursory glance online would yield a lot more than are shown on the feed.

Overall, I highly recommend this app. I've always enjoyed the magazine and the convenience of the news feed is certainly handy.
The app is available for both apple and android users.

For more info, check the Nexus website here:!/1

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