Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ghost of Lawrence of Arabia

Does the ghost of the legendary Lawrence of Arabia still linger at his old retreat?

Clouds Hill in the Dorset countryside in the UK is a National Trust property.  It's a four room, hillside cottage once used by T.E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, as a retreat from the public spotlight.  The cottage has long been reputed to be a location of ghostly sightings, possibly of Lawrence himself who died in a motorcycle accident close to the property in 1935.

On July 31st of this year, a man spotted what he now believes was the ghost of Lawrence.  Exploring the site with a couple of friends, the man found himself bored with the small cottage and decided to walk out onto the property and up into the surrounding hills.  On a slope over the site the man looked out over the country towards nearby Bovington Camp where Lawrence had once been stationed.  Suddenly, the man noticed "What appeared to be a human figure in a black robe suddenly stepping out from behind a small sapling."

The witness said the figure's face was concealed by a large hood or covering of some kind.  When one of the man's companions called out to him, he turned for a moment and when he looked back seconds later, the apparition had vanished.

Not being from the UK, the man was unfamiliar with the stories of Lawrence's ghost haunting the site, but when he was later shown photos of the famous figure in Bedouin robes, he confirmed that the profile and outline were the same as what he had witnessed.

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  1. Why would Lawrence haunt his home? Did he believe in the afterlife? If not, could that be why his spirit is earthbound? Or was the force of his personality so strong it became an imprint on the environment, creating the illusion of a ghost? The cottage is charming.I wish I lived there.I can see why he liked it so much.

  2. I just read a good description of the ghost.the witness said it was wearing a dark robe.The eyes couldn't be seen.The face was distorted and seemed "horrible". This makes me wonder if the ghost wasn't Lawrence but someone he killed during the war.Perhaps one of his victims came back to haunt him! That would account for the warped face.Unless the ghost was Lawrence and the warped features represent the ugliness of war.