Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Room Discovered in the Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mansion in San Jose, California is an iconic home well known in the world of the supernatural.

Known widely as the "Winchester Mystery House, the home was once the personal residence of Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester firearm fortunes.  The house is now a landmark on the National Register of Historic Places.

Construction on the home began in 1884 and continued until Sarah's death in 1922.  Winchester believed herself to be plagued by the spirits of those killed by her family's firearms and that the only way to appease the spirits, or at least silence them, was to have continuous construction in the home.
The result is a confusing maze of doors and windows, stairs that lead to nowhere and rooms that don't make sense.  Some believe that the endless maze confuses the spirits and leads them to wander around within the building.

The site has long been considered a haunted location and accounts include mischievous spirits and the ghosts of former workers.

Now, those who currently run the historic site have announced that a new room has been discovered in the mansion.
Reportedly, the space is an attic room that was boarded up by Sarah Winchester in 1906 following an earthquake.  Winchester believed there were supernatural causes behind the quake but it's unclear why she would have sealed the particular room off.

The room was essentially a time capsule containing a sewing machine and dress form along with a number of other items used by Sarah during her time in the home.  The items are now part of a special exhibit titled "Sarah's Attic."

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