Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Canadian Dogman Encounter

Is there a dogman roaming remote areas of Nova Scotia?

Researcher Albert S Rosales recently posted an interesting report listed as a "Nova Scotia Werewolf" sighting.  The account is from a man named Robert MacLean and occurred in the spring of 2015. The report follows:

Location: Glengarry, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date: March 9, 2015

"Robert MacLean was driving home from a party in town in the morning when a deer ran across the road about 50 yards in front of him.  
"It zipped across the road from the left to the right down over a steep embankment, moving as fast as anything I have ever seen."
Stated Robert.  He later added:
"A second later, a big animal chased after the deer, but just before tumbling into the crevasse, it stood on its back legs and stared into the headlights, its eyes glowing, and then was gone."

This wasn't the only evidence that was found. A local farmer, name withheld, found a dead cow in the field behind his barn, completely eviscerated with huge chunks of meat missing, and large bloody tracks leading off into the woods. It's important to note that Glengarry does not have a large population, mostly scattered houses surrounded by woods. It is an area where only a few people hunt, as hunters constantly complain about a feeling of 'being watched.' A survey of the area around the possible sighting site turned up a few deer tracks and a reddish smear just off the road, down over the bank, but a sample could not be taken due to the steep nature of the area."

Nova Scotia is on the eastern coast of Canada. It's almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The province was originally home to the Mi'kmaq people and the first European settlement was established by French colonist in 1605. Other Europeans followed and of course brought their traditions with them. This may be why there have been some legends of werewolf sightings in the region.

Although the above sighting was brief, combined with other odd factors in the region, it bears more investigation. There have also been a number of Bigfoot sightings in the area so some kind of unusual creature appears to be hiding out in the wild areas of Nova Scotia.


  1. I for see SOS in Nova Scotia in the near future

  2. When I was a kid my father and I used to trap bobcats along Glengarry Road which is somewhere near where this sighting was. Now that I think back on it whenever we traveled up into the Glengarry area proper it did have a rather desolute or destitute feeling to it and we never took to the area for deer hunting . We hung around lansdown mostly as we had a camp there . I dont recall ever hearing the old man talk about anything as he lived out there as a kid during the 30s and 40s , and that was his families traditional family hunting territory as they were MicMac . But I never asked him and theres only two things Indians are afraid of and thats cops and ghosts . He wouldn't even set foot in a graveyard , not even for his fathers burial . His sister was the same and did not attend the burial either. The only thing that sticks out in my mind that was odd from my trappinbg days was a time we were trapping near perch lake and we had found a set of tracks that were round like a bobcat but extremely large and the track maker stepped over the snare pole because he was probably too tall for the set . Could have been a cougar . If the gentleman who had the sighting is reading this would his sighting have been near the apple orchard along glengarry road?