Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Supernatural Today App

There's a new app out from the guys who brought us Cryptozoology Today and it's another winner.

I reviewed the Crypto themed app back in October, and actually suggested that something similar be done with the ghostly side of the supernatural, and lo and behold, here it is, Supernatural Today.

They've basically followed the same format they used with the cryptozoology app and applied it to a different theme--this time covering ghosts and hauntings.

The app opens to a news feed with stories from around the globe from various sources. It's easy to just stick to the main page and a couple of people I spoke with about the app have done just that. But in doing this, they're missing out on a whole lot more. In the upper left corner of the screen is a drop down menu that will lead you to a blog list and a sightings map. The blog list will pull up postings from popular blogs that deal with the supernatural.  The map covers the globe and clicking on pegs will show you what was encountered and where, and of course, there's a hot link to take you to the full story.

Still lacking is any kind of events page to lead people to conferences, lectures and such, but that may be too difficult to manage, or require a whole app in and of itself since there's so much happening on a regular basis.

Since the app is designated as part of the "Today" series and they're covering the world of the strange, I would assume we may see a UFO version of the app soon. Or maybe I'm just throwing another suggestion out to the guys!

Either way, this is another winner and if you're reading my blog you're clearly interested in the supernatural, so by all means, go download this! It's a great resource and updated all the time. Supernatural Today is available on both itunes and in the google play store.

For my earlier review of  Cryptozoology Today, see:

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