Friday, December 30, 2016

BEK or Angel of Death?

BEKs by Sam Shearon
Here's a strange BEK account sent to me recently. It's dated 2014 and there was no source specified, nor did the sender recall where he had seen it originally.

Nevertheless, it's an interesting report. The incident occurred on January 20, 2014 in Tavares, Florida.

Of note is that Tavares is in central Florida, north of Orlando and near two bodies of water, Lake Dora and Lake Eustis. I've received other odd reports from the area of various types of phenomena including UFO sightings.
This BEK report is yet another example of how these creepy kids can show up anywhere at any time:

"The witness had just left work and was taking a less traveled road home, old 441. Everything was going as normal on his typical drive home until he came to a red light.

No cars on the road at all; just him sitting there. Suddenly, it seemed to the witness as if time "had stood still" and the sounds became very long and drawn out. 

After he had come to a stop, out of the darkness on the passenger side of the car, all of a sudden, a teenager appeared. He was about 15 feet from the car. He was wearing blue jeans and a hoodie that was up over his head. From what the witness could see, it appeared he had little to no facial 
features-especially the eyes. The eyes were blacker than the darkness. The witness felt fear beyond explanation. He turned his gaze off the "teenager" and looked back toward the light when he saw what looked like and identical twin crossing the road very, very slowly in front of his car, as though to hold him up if the light did change.

The next thing he knew, the "boy" was at the side of his car, approaching the car as though he was going to get in. The witness was filled with an overwhelming fear and thought he was going to die. At the time, he remembers thinking, "This is the Angel of Death."

He thought about running the light and had a feeling that somehow the two strange figures were 'talking' to each other, without talking out loud. As far as he knows, the figure never touched the car. A car started to approach from behind and the light changed.

As he was leaving, he looked back and both 'boys' were gone. The witness was so frightened that he thought that the two strange beings were going to show up at his house. Thankfully, they did not."

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  1. You may want to get in touch with James M Laux, who is a retired history professor and has written several books about Mt Dora history. He's a touchstone of information about weirdness in that area.

    We have a lot of water and weirdness in Florida. I like to say Tampa Bay is founded on it.