Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Black Eyed Man Radiates Evil

Over the years, there's been a growing number of accounts of black eyed people of all ages. While many of the reports of back eyed kids fit a certain mold, when the entities appear older, there's more variation in the encounters. One gets the sense that whatever these things are, some of them at least, are out there making an attempt to blend in to normal society.

Sometimes, it's the subtle aspects of black eyed people cases that are the most unsettling. Time and time again, I hear from witnesses who report how terrified they were just being in the presence of these beings, afraid to make eye contact and hoping to just get the encounter over with as quickly as possible.

It's often hard for witnesses to convey how frightening these experiences are and how difficult it is to shake off the resulting emotions and after effects.

I recently received the report below from Kris, who encountered a disturbing young man while at her place of work. Kris experienced a range of emotions and fear as she dealt with a creepy individual who emanated sinister energy. She found herself calling on God for protection from what she perceived as "evil" radiating off of the man:

"Today was an experience I will never forget. I will never forget those eyes. 

I work in a retail location in Pennsylvania and around 1:15 this afternoon, a kid came into my store. He was more like a young man, maybe early 20's actually and he seemed to have a bit of facial hair on his chin. Sorry if my description isn't the best, I tried my best not to look at him much.

Anyway, I ended up helping this young man pick an item out. I was reluctant but I just wanted to get him out of the store so I helped him. 

He had no irises. Just like really big pupils is how they looked. I felt uneasy the entire time and he seemed sort of normal otherwise beside the eyes but I was sure they weren't any trick contact lenses as I have seen those before. And again, there was this feeling of dread that seemed to emanate out of him. He looked like something out of an episode of the X-Files.

The only other distinctive things I can remember about him was that he had a backpack on and he paid in cash for the item. The items only cost 6.97 and I also rang him out so he handed me 7 dollars in cash. I remember trying not to make contact with his hands because I felt very afraid and really felt like this 'person' was filled with evil and darkness. So I dropped 3 cents into his hand and it almost was if he could read my mind because I think I was playing it cool but he must have known my fears as he shot me a cold stare toward the end of the transaction. Sort of tilted his head to the side and just stared at me for about 3 seconds. My eyes only met his for about half of that time but I could still see him out of the corner of my eye as I turned away.

I remember as he put the item into his backpack, at least, I think he did, as he began to leave I could feel his eyes on me still and I remember thinking about God and Jesus and even the archangel Michael because I legitimately felt like I could be attacked or somehow infected by this person's evil.

Sorry if this is long and doesn't quite fit the black eyed children theme because again this person seemed to be in his early 20's but nonetheless a terrifying experience I won't soon forget. Thank god it was during the day.

I am home now and hoping nothing happens tonight. I have heard the saying 'the eyes are the window to the soul.' Well if that is true this guy's eyes are the window to hell.

Thank you for reading this and I will try to check back for any comments or feedback especially your take on it David being as you are the only person I know that speaks about this with any authority. (I heard you on a podcast a year or so ago speaking about this phenomenon.)

Thanks again and I wish that everyone who is aware of this phenomenon never runs into any person who looks like the person that came into my store this afternoon. Utterly terrifying."

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  1. "Perfect Love casteth out all fear...
    for fear hath torment."
    -I John 4:18

    Such beings,human or otherwise,gravitate towards fear.

    To not fear them is to overcome them.

    Love God and do not give into their attempts at intimidation.

    Easier said than done when you feel alone on the human level...
    but you are NOT alone.

    Wolves are not scared of sheep but they are terrified of The Shepherd.

    Jesus said,
    "I am the Good Shepherd-
    the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

    He that is an hireling and whose own the sheep are not,
    seeth the wolf coming and leaveth the sheep and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them,
    and scattereth the sheep."

    Stay away from the hirelings that are only in it for the money.