Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Haunted Bible For Sale

It's amazing to watch the paranormal related items that come up for sale on eBay.  A while back, it was a piece of a computer label purported to have belonged to self proclaimed time traveler John Titor.  That item had the low opening bid of ten grand, with a buy it now option of fifty thousand.  You may be shocked to know that the item didn't sell.  I covered the full story previously:


Now on offer (from a different seller)  is a haunted Bible from the UK.  The bible reportedly creates havoc and poltergeist activity wherever it is kept and the buyer is "desperate" to be rid of the cursed book. 

The previous owner of the bible claimed that in the middle of the night, spirits attached to the item drug her down a flight of stairs by her hair, causing numerous bruises.  Phantom footsteps and slamming doors and cupboards are also common activity when the book is around.

The bible was left in a vacant house in Harrington, Workington for several years while the current owner and his wife lived in the United States.  Upon returning to England and a house in Cumbria, the man retrieved the bible and decided to sell it.

According to UK paper, The News & Star:

The seller, freddy1eagle on eBay who wanted to remain anonymous, has already rejected an offer of £50,000 because he thinks it is worth more.
He said of the price: “It’s mainly because of the attachment of the spirit to it because I know there are people who are interested in these things and there are cults who want to use them for their own purposes.”

The book is a regular Bible with a number of both color and black and white plates.  The listing states that the item dates back to the 1800s.
The seller says that the bible is so dangerous that it's now kept in an empty room of his local church until he can sell it.  He takes no responsibility for any ghostly activity that may occur for new owners.

The starting bid for this haunted item?  A mere $180,000.00 US.  Not sure if that's considered a bargain or not, but will the steep price keep any creepy cults from buying it?  Let's see if it fares any better than the Titor computer label.




  1. Hi David,

    A friend of mine has just brought this bible from an auction. As soon as she opened the box very strange things happened.

    Are you able to message me about it?

    1. You can reach me directly at: twocrowsparanormal@gmail.com