Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Satanic Steak Goes Viral

It's happened again.  A strange image gone viral on the Internet, this time of a more sinister nature.

We've all heard the reports over the years.  The image of the Virgin Mary spotted in a cheese sandwich, the face of Jesus seen in peeling paint or a slice of toast.

Inevitably, the faithful deem it a sign heavy with religious implications and skeptics announce that it's more pareidolia. (For those unfamiliar with the term it's defined as "as psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (image or sound) wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists)."

If spiritual figures are being seen in such manifestations, should we be surprised that their evil counterparts are also making appearances?

During Easter week when tens of thousands were focused on the Christian holiday, Satan himself made his presence known--in a cut of prime rib.

On the Wednesday just before Good Friday, a photo of the steak started trending online when it was posted by a Mexican media outlet.  The picture, reportedly taken in La Paz in Baja, California, depicts the cut of meat and what many see as an image of the devil himself complete with horns and glaring red eyes.

The steak is believed to have come from the SuKarne company, Mexico's largest meat processor although they did not respond to the attention the steak received.

The Daily Mail states that a lot of flak fell on the butcher responsible for making the cut with reports that he was "mocked by his workmates," A local paper even questioned whether he had performed a satanic ritual to make the steak come out with Satan's image in it.

Media outlets questioned the photo asking if people thought it was good advertising for the company in the midst of Holy Week.

So, devilish pareidolia?  A cursed cut of steak?  The meat from a possessed cow?  Check out the photo and decide for yourself.  And remember, you might want to keep your eyes open the next time you're tossing something on the grill, who knows what you'll see in those flames.


  1. Holy Cow! We were warned about the increased risk of heart disease and colorectal cancer with the consumption of red meat. Now, what devilish snares await our steak-loving population? If Chick-fil-A's lovable cows could not convince us to "eat mor chikin'", this certainly should.

  2. Makes as much sense as Jesus in a piece of toast.

  3. If there are no unexplained occurrences happening within the vicinity of the devil steak, I think it would be safe to assume that it is just a piece of meat and therefore, perfectly safe to eat. :)