Friday, March 25, 2016

Ghost of Maryland Reviewed

I've spent a lot of time in Maryland over the years, it's a state rich in history, folklore and of course, one of my biggest interest, ghosts.

I always try to grab titles that cover weirdness in the state, and recently, I had the pleasure of reading Mike Ricksecker's book on the topic, aptly titled "Ghosts of Maryland."

Ricksecker doesn't cover every haunted spot in Maryland, that would of course take volumes.  He does however, do an excellent job of hitting a lot of the highlights.  He weaves in just enough history of the individual sites to bring anyone unfamiliar with the area up to speed, and he ably blends in the accounts of ghostly manifestations.

I was particularly interested in the author's experience while at the Samuel Mudd house.  For those not familiar with the name, Mudd was the physician who treated Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth during his flight across the Maryland countryside.  There have long been reports of the Mudd home being haunted, and Ricksecker stopped in to have a look for himself. 

Mike covers other interesting sites such as the Mount Airy Plantation, Surratt House and Tavern and Lilburn Castle.

The back half of the book is devoted to a handy "Haunted Atlas of Maryland" that's broken down by county proving that there is indeed something weird in every corner of the state.

Pick this one up if you're interested in Maryland specifically or ghost in general.  It's certainly earned a spot on my shelf.  The atlas alone makes it a great reference book, but you'll enjoy the read too.

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