Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wonders in the Sky Limited Edition

Wonders in the Sky by Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck was originally published by Tarcher/Penguin press in 2010.  Subtitled "Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to Modern Times," the book is an amazing catalog of strange sightings from early periods of recorded history, up through the nineteenth century.

Vallee is certainly no stranger to the field of UFOs.  He's the author of numerous classic studies in the field including the ground breaking "Passport to Magonia" published in 1969. 

Vallee is one of the biggest influences on my personal pursuit of the strange, and I believe his work is essential reading.

Wonders in the Sky became an instant classic when it was released, but now, it's getting a major upgrade.  Vallee and Aubeck are releasing a very limited, special edition of the book.  Has noted on the indiegogo page:

"Wonders in the Sky is a collector's limited edition book by world-leading UFO researchers Jacques Vallée and Chris Aubeck, which presents the scientific research and artistic beauty of 424 UFO sightings prior to the Industrial Revolution. This is the new benchmark in UFO research.

Under our contract with the initial publisher of the paperback edition of Wonders in the Sky (Tarcher-Penguin) we have agreed no more than 500 copies of this exceptional, Limited Edition will ever be printed.
The text has been augmented with many new cases, a new round of analysis of all previous cases, and stunning new iconography in high-resolution color."

This limited edition is signed and numbered and in a slipcase.  It comes with some other special gifts, all listed on the webpage below.

There's only 15 days remaining to grab a copy of this premium edition, act now while you have the chance.

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