Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Haunted Bible 2

Yesterday I posted the story about a reportedly haunted bible up for sale on eBay.  The item had been listed for some time and the story was even covered by a UK newspaper. 

Curiously, just after my posting about the item, it was removed from the site and listed as no longer available.  Obviously it wasn't sold on the auction site so the state of the item is a mystery.

Perhaps even more curious however, is that yet another purportedly haunted bible has now been listed for sale.  It's owned by a different seller and this one is in Geneva, Switzerland.  The buy it now price is set at US $10,999.00.

Whereas the previous bible was supposed to have spirit attachments that caused poltergeist activity, this one has a "legendary" connection to exorcisms.

The item's seller says that the bible is from the 18th century and carries the signature of Pope Pius VI.  According to the listing, the bible was used to conduct over 500 exorcisms, some of which led to the death of the individual involved.  The eBay page states:

"In 1857th Archbishop Giovacchino Limberti (in Florenze, Italy) began to use this holy book in rituals of exorcism, religious process of removing demons, evil spirits and obsession with the devil from a person or an area they are believed to have possessed.

Archbishop Giovacchino Limberti died 1874th and after him, Archbishop Eugenio Cecconi (in Florenze, Italy) continued to use this holy book in rituals of exorcism for next 13 years.

Legend says, this holy book been used in over 500 cases of exorcism and a lot of people died during exorcism processes."

Like yesterday's listing, It seems that the current owners of this bible are also anxious to be rid of the cursed item right away.  Note that the rough English is due to an obviously non-native speaker:

"This holy book has been archived and stored in treasury of Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (Florenze, Italy) and was stored there until 1931th when was bought by family Williamson, american tourists, through Church public auctions . One years later, Mrs.Charles Williamson had a terrible and unexplained experiences with fire (spontaneous combustion) and after that holy book was sold to family of our client, old and very rich Italian family from Trieste (Italy) !

After few days, in their house were happened very strange and inexplicable "things". Screams and very strange sounds were came at night from home library, where holy book was stood. After family holiday, they came back home and found a book on the floor, book was opened on page 66. During family holiday no one, absolutely nobody did not have access in house !!

After that experience, they were left book in the family safe deposit box at ZKB BANCA DI CREDITO COOPERATIVO in Trieste (Italy)

Parents of our client died couple years ago and he don't want this book in his home and now he want to sell this holy book !!"

Once again, we'll see if anyone jumps at this bargain.  Check it out below while it's still online:



  1. I can never understand....if they want to get rid of these objects so badly, why set such a high price? Sell it for ten bucks and be rid of it. Although I believe haunted items do exist, setting a high value on an item does not guarantee it's validity, it only makes me believe someone wants to make a 'quick' buck.

  2. I Agree!!,Just Sell IT For Ten Buck's!..

  3. I like that there is a 666 in the price, although listed as 999. I too have some most interesting alien / paranormal stories that you may find interesting. And I too am a crow guy. My friend Rex who is a crow has been with me since she was a baby. If you have time stop by and read. Thus far I haven't found too many people who are open to what aliens actually look like, but I'll keep trying.