Thursday, March 10, 2016

Night Stalker Reports

Recently, I've received a curious report out of the Four Corners region involving a strange creature.  I'll be posting more details on the case as they become available, but so far, the bare bones of the account reminds me of a previous incident covered by Crypto Four Corners.  Their video of that investigation is included below.

The case was also written up online, here's a brief synopsis:

"A New Mexico family has reported that 'something' has been lurking around their home at night.  The incidents have been occurring at what is called the "Four Corners" section of the country where Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico touch.

The family says they have experienced loud clawing sounds and growls in the middle of the night.  Both the exterior of their house and truck have been damaged.  Deep claw and chew marks can be seen in the above photo of the truck headlight housing and grill.  Similar muddy claw marks have been made to the house as well.

What makes this case so strange are the descriptions of the creature that the family says is responsible.  Eyewitnesses say what they saw reminded them of the creature from the horror movie "Jeepers Creepers."  One eyewitness said he observed the being while it was sitting on the ground.  It was covered in gray hair and had huge three-fingered hands.  The torso to head height of the being; while sitting, was about 5 feet, which would make the creature 8 to 9 feet tall when standing.  The eyewitness also said he noticed what he thinks were wings on its back and believes it could be capable of flying.  Investigators said this could explain the odd and random patches of broken and trampled corn in an adjacent field." Sept 25, 2012

The crew from C4C dubbed this thing the "night stalker" due in part to its nocturnal visits.  While many people assumed that this was some type of Sasquatch encounter, there are too many aspects to the case that don't line up with a typical Sasquatch. 

Has this same "night stalker" returned to the four corners region?  The latest report that I've received also note a creature with three claws and gray hair.  It will be interesting to see if more develops from this story.

C4C Video: The Night Stalker:


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  1. Could it possibly be a skinwalker? Are they not known to be around the four corners?