Monday, March 28, 2016

SOS Thornhaven Manor

Thornhaven Manor in New Castle was another stop on the SOS Indiana tour. 

Thornhaven was built on farmland in 1845 in the classic Italian style. It's amazing how solid the house is, the walls are thick and the floors don't creak much despite the home's age. While it is in great need of repair, the current owner is taking steps to bring this historical building back to life.

Over the years, Thornhaven was owned by wealthy families, was a stop on the Underground Railroad and was the focal point of a murder conspiracy. There are also connections to the Civil War with members of some families dying on the battlefield during the war, and, some strange WW2 connections.

The home also has an extensive basement, with ten rooms. Unusual for the time period, but possibly connected to the Underground Railroad or other activities.

SOS's investigation of the home was quite an experience. Audible voices and sounds project from different parts of the home at the same time.
We experienced a strange red light anomaly that manifested independently and under obvious intelligent direction. Spirit boxes were very active, we experienced electronic issues, and investigator Dave Spinks was attacked.

We also had a chance to investigate in the basement, something few have done, and had German voices coming over the ghost box. Interestingly enough, the current owner discovered Nazi propaganda in the basement when he was cleaning. Another Thornhaven secret?

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We did livestream some of the investigation. Look for more footage to be available in the future both on DVD and our YouTube channel.

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