Wednesday, October 14, 2015

John Titor's 5100 Computer Label

John Titor's Military Insignia
Between 2000 and 2001, several Internet bulletin boards dedicated to strange phenomena were filled with postings about a supposed time traveler name John Titor.

Titor, whoever he was, was the source of many of the postings himself.  After being discussed by Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM, a large number of people became interested in the man's story and his predictions of future events.

John Titor claimed to be a soldier from the year 2036.  Based in Tampa, Florida, he was assigned to a government time-travel project that utilized a time travel device installed in a 1987 four-wheel drive truck.  Titor claimed that he had been sent back to the year 1975 to retrieve an IBM 5100 computer.  Purportedly this model was needed in order to "debug" several legacy computer programs in his year, 2036.  Bear in mind, this tale was shortly after the Y2K panic of 2000 so computer programming issues were still on the minds of many.

There were several things that caught people's attention about the Titor story.  His predictions indicated a disastrous future that involved nuclear strikes, civil war in the United States, and World War III. 

Those with knowledge of computers became intrigued by the fact that Titor claimed that the IBM 5100 he was sent to retrieve could translate several types of computer code, a fact not well known outside of the computer industry at the time.

Now, fourteen years later, part of the label of the computer Titor supposedly took back to his future has surfaced, where else, but eBay.

Portion of the 5100 computer label owned by John Titor
With an opening bid listed at 10,000.00 dollars, for some reason, it hasn't had any bites yet.  You can purchase it outright for a mere 50,000.00 if you're so inclined. 
The listing can be viewed here:

The item does, at least, have some connection to the Titor story.  Paranoia publisher, Olav Phillips has verified that the item is being offered by someone who was involved with Titor and according to the eBay listing itself, Titor:

"...mailed Pamela Moore the label from the back of the IBM 5100 as proof.  They had become more personally close.  After Titor's departure, Phil Fiord flew to an agreed location and met with Pamela Moore.  She gifted him with this cut from the actual label.  As it was a gift and is a treasured item by him, he is loathe to sell it, but he has decided it is something that many have expressed interest in having for research purposes.  He hopes this may go to someone who may be able to further explore and maybe advance the truth behind Titor."

There's something about the Titor story that intrigues people even today.  Doubters point to failed predictions and similarities with other, futuristic stories.  Supporters point out that Titor talked about the many worlds theory and the effects of CERN as well as social issues that he said would start to unfold. 
A quick search on the Internet brings up pages and pages that talk about John Titor.  The original thread from the old Art Bell forum is also still available to read and can be found below, it is, at the least, an interesting read.  Personally, I think that I'll pass on a piece of a computer label for ten grand.


  1. This could prove whether or not his story was true since the label while attached to the computer has supposedly traveled through time at least once, about 15 years to the future. The simplest way would be to date the age of the label, anylize every part of it, the paper, ink, adhesive and see what everything dates too. If it's 15 years too young then there's the proof.

  2. Art Bell never interviewed John Titor. He talked about it the other night on Midnight In The Desert. He said that is a very common misconception. But he never physically talked to or interviewed Titor.

  3. Thanks for the clarification Breaker. I personally recalled hearing Titor discussed on the show but did not recall his purported interview. It's curious though that so many people seem to remember Titor actually being on the show.

  4. That is very interesting because I could of sworn that he called in and talked about what his mission was and Art interviewed him. Maybe some of us were on a different time line.

  5. That is very interesting because I could of sworn that he called in and talked about what his mission was and Art interviewed him. Maybe some of us were on a different time line.