Monday, October 19, 2015

Brian Bethel's BEKs

My post last week, titled "The First Black Eyed Being" resulted in a lot of interesting emails and messages.  In that post I wrote about the strange Urfa man statue found at Gobekli Tepe and its eerie black, obsidian eyes.  Is it perhaps the first depiction of some otherworldly entity?  And does it have any connection to modern sightings of the black eyed children?

Readers had a lot to say about the possibilities and one of the most interesting responses came from Brian Bethel.

Anyone in the least bit familiar with modern accounts of the black eyed children will recognize the name.  Brian in fact is responsible, by default, for the modern term, BEK and he was the first to share his encounter with the creepy kids on the internet. 

Bethel attempted to post his comments here on the blog, but, as often happens when the BEKs are involved, something went awry and the post vanished before he could hit enter.  Brian later sent me a message and also posted on the FB thread concerning this topic.  I felt his statements were important enough to include directly on the blog has he originally intended.  (Thanks Brian for your valuable input).

"I just tried to post a reply on your blog, but I think it may have erased itself. This isn't uncommon when I try to talk about this topic.

I wanted to muse for a moment on the fact that when my "kids" spoke to me, they mentioned taking me to their "mother." I've often wondered if that was a ruse, or if it was indeed something that they intended to do. Depending on how you read it, "we want to take you to our mother's house" can be completely innocuous, or take on practically mythic proportions if you visualize the words capitalized, almost like a title. There seemed to be some strange formality about it.

I had a friend who claimed to have seen BEKs who attempted to tie their presence into the Sumerian goddess of the underworld, Ereshkigal. I don't know if this was simply his own intuitive leap or he had more to draw from to support this conclusion. We've since fallen out of touch. But it intrigues me simply because of the idea of an ancient goddess collecting ... something ... from people through strange, monstrous children. I've kicked around a possible tie to the Lilith legend, another "mother of monsters." I suppose I'll never know.

Your statue reminded me of this, and people have claimed to see black-eyed adults. I wish like hell I had written "beings" instead of "kids," even if that's how they appear to most. The BEK acronym, not something I consciously created, has hurt the cause in discussing them, I think. I believe we're dealing with a much wider phenomenon."

Brian's statements echo some of my own opinions about the topic.  Yes, the modern accounts are creepy and make for chilling reading, but if we only focus on those, then we miss the deeper ties that this phenomena has to other aspects of the paranormal. 

Tribal elders have told me on more than one occasion that black eyed beings are not modern, but something much, much older.  It's time to start putting the pieces together.


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