Monday, November 16, 2015

Zebras on the Run

Throughout the chronicles of Cryptozoology, there are countless reports of "out of place" animals.  Kangaroos in the Midwest, Bengal tigers wandering across American farmland, and monkeys spotted in neighborhood trees where no monkeys should be.  Inevitably, when these incidents are reported, someone immediately claims the animal must have escaped from a circus.  But how often is this actually the case?  Well, it certainly was the reality in Philadelphia this week when a pair of Zebras led police officers on a wild chase through the streets of the city.

The animals are part of the UniverSoul Circus, in town for a series of shows that wrapped up on Sunday.  Somehow, the pair got loose from their site at Fairmount Park and took off for a run around West Philadelphia.  Circus officials are still unsure how the animals got free.

According to ABC Action News, the zebras had a thirty minute run, dashing through the parking lot of a Planet Fitness and several other businesses before darting into traffic.  Fortunately they were safely captured. 

Animal rights activists are using the incident to once again call on the circus to end its animal acts:

"Wild animals in circuses that's expected to happen--you can't control wild animals,"  stated Jackie Cane of Animal ACTivist of Philly.

Marianne Bessey, another speaker for the group pointed out that it was fortunate that no harm occurred to people or the animals during the incident:

"They saw a chance to escape, took a run for it and then ended up in traffic, and people probably honking at them, almost causing accidents."

The recovery of the animals means that, this time at least, there shouldn't be any reports of out of place zebras grazing in Philadelphia gardens.

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