Friday, November 20, 2015

Ghostly Claim Leads to Lawsuit

In much of the western world, hotels are more than ready to brag about any spirits that are alleged to haunt their corridors.  In fact, some establishments conduct their own ghost tours, hoping to further convert interest in the paranormal into cold, hard cash.  But in some places, publicity of a ghostly nature is viewed as a very negative thing that's bad for business.

Case in point, the Emerald Hotel in Thailand.  Emerald owner Jindala Taimuangphol has filed a lawsuit against Asian celebrity singer Kandy Rakkaen.  The reason for the lawsuit?  Rakkaen claims she encountered ghosts at the hotel when she stayed there last summer. 

Rakkaen posted about her experience at the Emerald on her Facebook page stating:

"The hotel doesn't have any standards and is haunted by ghosts."

The hotel's lawyer, Chatchi Chansai claims that the posting cost the Emerald business and led to the cancelation of a company seminar that was scheduled at the location.  He wants compensation from Rakkaen for the lost profits and claims he's "trying to protect the hotel's reputation."

Kandy Rakkaen has since removed the post from her page, but did clarify her comments further in a statement:

"I only condemned the hotel's service.  Water ran out from my air-conditioner and the hotel only put a bucket under it.  About the ghosts, the subject is each individual's belief.  This should not have turned into a controversy at all."

In an effort to further dispel the idea that there are spirits lurking in the Emerald, the hotel has offered a free night's stay to the press to prove there are no ghosts present.

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