Monday, November 30, 2015

Rememberance Day for Lost Species

It's easy as a cryptozoologist, to get caught up in the pursuit of "undiscovered" species, but it's important to remember that our planet's known creatures are disappearing at a rate of three every hour.

To help bring awareness to this sad rate of loss, November 30th has become Remembrance Day for Lost Species.

Has native elders say, "we are all connected," and the loss of each species effects us all whether we consciously realize it or not.

Has activist Vanessa Vine states:

"This is a chance to learn and tell the stories of those lost in the sixth mass extinction, and to renew commitments to those remaining.  Extinctions are invariably linked to the loss of cultures and places too."

This year, around the world, groups are gathering to toll the bells for what we've lost.  Various other regional organizations are holding events to raise awareness.

Check the pages below for information on events in your area.

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  1. Today, before I saw this post and learned it was Remembrance Day for Lost Animals, I finished a post on my blog about cryptids that are officially extinct but which some people say are still alive. I guess it's just synchronicity!

    We need to stop killing all the amazing animals we share the planet with...