Monday, November 2, 2015

Revenant Acres

In rural Northeast Indiana, there's a creepy old farmhouse known as Revenant Acres.  Sitting on 30 acres with open fields around it, the house is one of those that gives you and odd, unsettling feeling as soon as you pull in the drive.

The house dates back to the 1800s and there's little known about its history or the many residents that have lived in it over the years.  Interestingly, one of the tidbits that has been discovered about the home is that the property was first bought by a family named Van Meter.  I found this, at the least, curious since there's a famous case from 1903 dubbed the "Van Meter Visitor."  Now, those incidents took place in a small town called Van Meter in Iowa and involved a bizarre bat-like creature and paranormal events that terrorized the town.
You may think I'm grasping for straws with a connection, however let me say this.  I was surprised when I heard about the possible Van Meter connection and when I had the chance, I did some research.  As it turns out, the town of Van Meter, Iowa, was named after Jacob Rhoads Van Meter, a man originally from Indiana.  Again, perhaps it's mere coincidence, but it's strange at the least.  Maybe there's something to the theory that paranormal activity follows certain family names and lines.

Revenant Acres itself is reputed to display a wide range of paranormal events.  Disembodied voices, poltergeist activity and strange lights have been reported by various investigating teams.  There are also reports of possessions taking place on the premises.

My colleague Dave Spinks and I spent some time in various locations in the region prior to Halloween, and this was the first stop on our tour.  Needless to say, it didn't disappoint and we had some incredible experiences. 

If you'd like to check out the investigation that Dave Spinks and I did, the live stream portion is available to view online.  Check it out:

If you have a paranormal team that would like to investigate the house, it is available for booking, however, it does stay filled up well in advance, so be sure to schedule early.  The hosts are great and you can contact them at the Revenant Acres website below:

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