Thursday, November 19, 2015

Paranoia Reviewed

I met Christopher Saint Booth and his brother Philip years ago when we were all appearing at ScareFest in Kentucky.  I ended up sitting at their table with them for ages, deep in conversation about a wide range of paranormal topics.  It was easy and natural to talk with these guys and I even had a few people ask if I was a third Booth brother.  Must have been the hat and long hair! 

If you're somehow not familiar with their work, you have no idea what you've been missing.  The Booth brothers are the masterminds behind such films as "Spooked The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium," "Children of the Grave," and "The Possessed," among others.  Several of their films have run on SyFy and they're available on DVD.

Recently, Christopher has released a book: Paranoia, The Strange Case of Ghosts, Demons and Aliens.  The book is full of inside stories from Christopher's years as a filmmaker exploring various haunted locations and there's plenty of creepy stories along the way like his encounter with a black eyed child.

This book is a great look inside not just a creative mind, but a creative heart.  Christopher's emotional reactions to many of the situations he has found himself in over the years shows us exactly what kind of person he is and how he got there.  Personal trials and thoughts are on the table as he leads us from his childhood in England up through his work on various successful films.  Here's a quote that I found especially powerful:

"When we live our life to the fullest potential, obstacles cannot get in our way.  For we are precise, a beautiful driven spirit that will stay the course.  It's okay to get lost as long as we are found.  Every morning when you wake, make it your soul mission to be who you are meant to be.  Everyone dies but not everyone lives."

Beautiful words from a beautiful spirit.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and if you like to read about paranormal experiences and creative people, I highly recommend you add it to your library. 

Paranoia, along with DVDs of Booth Brother films can be found online at:


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