Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ryan Sprague's Hidden Auditorium

As many of you can guess, I'm constantly asked about the Black Eyed Children and the numerous accounts that continue to surface.  Yes, it's true that I wrote the first full study of the phenomena, but as I like to point out, other researchers had documented some the bizarre encounters before my book hit the shelves.  For more on that, see my previous post here:


Unlike many researchers who get offended when someone else beings to examine the same phenomena, I more than welcome additional takes on the topic.  So far, there aren't any other books in print, but there are people writing about the subject.  In fact, my friend Ryan Sprague has just written an excellent piece on the BEKs in his column "Hidden Auditorium" on Jim Harold's blog. 

Ryan interviewed both myself and journalist Brian Bethel prior to writing his piece.  If you're interested in the topic, please follow the link and give it a read, it's worth the time and Ryan puts his own unique voice in his reporting.  While you're at it, keep an eye on this young man as I expect to hear much more from him, especially in the UFO field.


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