Friday, November 6, 2015

Haunted Hartford Jail

Next stop on the Haunted Indiana tour was an old haunted jail in Hartford City.  The jail was built in 1879 so it's seen its fair share of history.  The building is large, two floors plus an attic and basement that includes tunnels.  One side of the building consist of the original cell block while the other side is residential.  Yes, you read that right.  You see, in the old days, Sheriffs and their families actually lived in the same building that the jail was in.  Imagine growing up in that!

The long history of the jail includes prisoner deaths as well as the deaths of some lawmen while they were in office.  There was even an infamous "dirty cop" who is connected to the Hartford jail.

Dave Spinks and I did a lot of investigating in this location and had some amazing results.  Now, Dave is an ex-law enforcement officer so needless to say, some of the spirits were none to happy about his presence in the cell block.

We had a wide range of phenomena during our time on site including phantom cell doors slamming, shadow figures and disembodied voices.
But, hands down, my favorite report from this place is that there is supposed to be what's been described as a "troll" on the premises!  For years I have collected accounts of various "little people" from around the world so it's always interesting to me to find such reports at haunted locations.  The being has been reported/encountered by numerous people in a couple of different locations in the building.  Of course we set up cameras to watch those spots in the hopes that we'd catch something on film.  Footage is still being reviewed at this time.

We had a chance to try some unique experiments in the jail, including the use of a Jacob's ladder to amp up the energies.  Additionally, the entire building is built on a foundation of solid rock, limestone to be specific, and it literally glistens with quartz.  Those familiar with the limestone theory and the idea that quartz causes higher levels of paranormal activity will know what the implications of this are.  We do discuss it some in the video.

This broadcast was lengthy, and I have to say, if you don't have time to watch it all, skip to the last part (about the 3:15 mark) when we go into the attic.  We saved what's up there for a surprise to viewers and it didn't disappoint!

If you're interested in doing an investigation at the jail, the owner, Dann Allen is a great host.  Book your time by going here:

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