Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Haunted Hartford Speakeasy

Next stop on the Indiana paranormal week was an old haunted Speakeasy located in Hartford City.  This space is on the second floor of a historic building located across from the town's courthouse.

The Speakeasy operated during the entire period of prohibition (1920-1933).  It was the era of bootleggers and gangsters and locations like the Hartford Speakeasy catered to all levels of society from the working class to the wealthy.

Dave Spinks and I were joined by our friend, Mike Ricksecker of Haunted Road Media and it was a great to have an extra investigator on this one.  Dave had some technical problems with the live feed, so this video is a bit shorter, however, Mike also shot a sequence for his Haunted Roads series.  It's well worth a look as we gathered some great evidence so check out both videos below.  And for more information on Mike's books, check out his website at:


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