Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Unusual Prophet Predicted Trump

Whenever a presidential election comes around, all the prophets, psychics, astrologers and other prognosticators surface to make predictions.

Some get it wrong, others hit the mark. In terms of presidential elections, Nostradamus scholar John Hogue has a long track record of correct predictions dating back numerous elections. He missed this year since he forecast Clinton to win the vote, however, he did note, prior to the election, that this was the most difficult one to predict since Trump was a complete wild card who had the potential to upset the status quo.

One prophet did score a correct guess. Geda.

Geda is known as the "king of prophets." He correctly predicted that Portugal would win the 2016 European football championship and last Thursday (Nov 3rd), he was tasked with predicting the US presidential race.

Oh, I should mention, Geda is a monkey.

Geda is five years old and for public appearances wears a yellow shirt that advertises his name. The so called "prophetic primate" is from the Shiyan Lake Ecological Tourism Park in Hunan.
Much like Paul, the psychic octopus, Geda is presented with the options in the given contest while watchers stand by to see what his choice will be.

In this case, Geda was placed on a table. On each side was a podium with life-sized cutouts of the two candidates. In front of each one were bananaa. Geda wasted little time in choosing and eating the bananas in front of Trump. He further showed his preference by giving the cutout a kiss. Park officials stated:

"After deliberate thought, the mystic monkey chose Mr. Trump. Without even waiting, he congratulated the cardboard candidate with a kiss on the lips."

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