Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Poltergeist Case in Rutherglen, Scotland

This story of reported poltergeist activity at a home in Scotland has been making the rounds of late. If the reports are true, it's an interesting case, especially since there are supposed to be police witnesses. I have however, been unable to verify the purported statements from local officials. If anyone has further information, please let me know.

Police officers were called to a home in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire, Scotland in August by a frightened family who felt they had no where else to turn. The problem? They were being plagued by a poltergeist.

While on the scene, authorities witnessed several strange incidents. Clothes flying across a room, lights that went off, then turned back on but now had their lamp shades inverted, an oven that opened itself and doors that opened and closed on their own.

Even stranger, a chihuahua that was playing in the garden went from being on the ground to suddenly sitting on top of a seven foot tall hedge. Newspaper headlines suggested the animal had been levitated.

Officers reported that they were stunned by some of the events they witnessed while at the house.

The residents of the home, Catherine Shreenan and her teenage son have been terrified by the events and have been at a loss as to how to handle the events.

News reports of the incidents caught the attention of paranormal investigator Jason Love. Love works full time as a psychiatric nurse and has offered to help the residents. He told reporters:

"The testimonies from the police strengthens the case that this was poltergeist activity."

While the case is still unsolved, police officials say they are no longer involved with the investigation. It's been reported that the family has now left the home to stay with relatives. Since the primary concern was for the safety of the family, police feel there is nothing further that they can do.
A police spokesmen reported that no crime could be established so the incidents were simply reported as a "disturbance."

A police source stated:

"It's not a route we would normally take, but the occupant may need to get a medium in, or something like that."

The Shreenan family are Roman Catholics and have sought out a priest to do a blessing on the home.

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