Saturday, March 4, 2017

McRaven Mansion Investigation

Known as Mississippi's "Most Haunted House" the McRaven mansion is a pre-Civil War home in historic Vicksburg.

The first part of the home was built in 1797. A time when George Washington was still president and before Mississippi was even a state. The home was expanded in 1836 during the "empire" period and again in 1849 when a prominent manufacturer added a Greek Revival style portion to the house.

With its long history, there's a range of spirits associated with McRaven including: Mary Elizabeth Howard who tragically died after giving birth in 1836, John Bob, a prominent businessman murdered by Union troops after the siege of Vicksburg, and members of the notorious Murrell gang, bandits and highway robbers active in the region 200 years ago.

Society of the Supernatural recently spent some time in Mississippi and had a chance to investigate this amazing, historic location.

We had some crazy activity, especially in the oldest portion of the home, and got confirmation on a reported "peeping ghost" that numerous people have reported in the home's front room.

Special thanks to Brian Riley of the Mississippi Paranormal Society & of course, the owners of McRaven for having us in. We loved the place and look forward to returning.

Check out some of our time at McRaven below. There are several videos from this investigation as our livestream was interrupted. More videos available at the Society of the Supernatural Youtube page.

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