Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My Haunted Journal

Hot off the press is Ross Allison's "My Haunted Journal," an innovative idea for those wanting to chronicle ghostly activity in their environment.

I had the honor of writing the forward for Ross's book and I can recommend it both for beginners who want to learn to document strange activity, as well as seasoned investigators who want a fresh take on detailing their findings. It's also a useful tool to leave with homeowners and families who may want to learn to understand and document paranormal occurrences in their homes.

From the book's description:

"My Haunted Journal offers basic ghost hunting tools and steps for those living with paranormal activity to learn to live with spirits. In its pages you will find out how to conduct your own investigation, descriptions of strange encounters you might face, the three simple rules for controlling your ghosts, what to do and not do when dealing with your troublesome guests and how to journal your encounters with the unknown.

Also included are explanations for why ghosts haunt, lists of things people mistake for hauntings, 20 ways to communicate with the spirit world and much more!

It's a fun and educational look into the paranormal, and once you've learned about the spirit world, the book becomes your very own Haunted Journal. Use the blank pages and reports to document your encounters as you use your new skills to investigate your haunted locations."

My Haunted Journal is available at Amazon.com

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